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June 11, 2007 by Lucy Lockett  
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I have found a beauty treatment that makes your skin feel much more alive and supple. As you get older the signs of aging are very noticeable on the face, neck and hands and a little pick-me-up once a week does miracles: Especially for the ego which is just as important as the skin.

All that is required is the white of 1 egg. Separate egg and put egg white into a cup and cover with glad wrap and use as required. I leave mine in the fridge and use it straight from there which has the added bonus of being highly refreshing and invigorating. Apply with a cotton ball to the face and neck area.

If your skin is oily or still has traces of make-up on it, you will notice that this comes away on the cotton ball as you are wiping your face. It makes a very good cleanser and now for the best part, continue wiping and cleaning the face until the cotton balls are clean and then leave a thick covering of egg on your face.

Sit down and apply a large dollop of your favorite hand cream, I like using Vaseline Intensive Care to your hands and gently massage this into the skin. Don’t forget to massage the tips of the fingers around the base of the fingernails and cuticles, this is said to promote healthy nail growth. You should be noticing the egg on your face drying and the skin on your face is becoming taut and tight.

This is a natural face mask, natures own. The skin will have a shiny cover on it just like the glaze on the pie or any other chemical mask that you buy. Leave on the skin for 10-15 mins before washing off with warm water.

Your skin will feel younger and look more youthful. I remember years ago when the “blue peel face masks” were the trend and my mother tried them, scary stuff. We laughed for hours and it was certainly good for our health doing all that laughing. I think this mask is better than some products that you have to purchase and I use and recommend it.

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8 Responses to “Beauty Treat for the Skin”
  1. lizzie2uk Says:

    You give a brand new meaning to the phrase, ‘left with egg on your face’ !

  2. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    Great advice,Lucy. I tried it and I enjoyed it much more than the ones you buy. Using it cold is an extra bonus. It actually gave my face a rosy glow.

  3. Liane Schmidt Says:

    I have also found that using vitamin E capsules and applying the liquid on your face works wonders as well!!

    You will always be young & beautiful!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  4. lanne Says:

    Great advice Lucy. I have been using egg white for years, but never thought of the “cold” part. Thanks.

  5. beauley, Lucien Says:

    Very good outlook on life, Lucy and a vast storage of useful knowledge. I prefer to eat the whole egg myself, but for the more tender female I’m sure you have the right idea at 20 cents a wash.

  6. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    that’s great, thanks a lot Lucy

  7. IcyCucky Says:

    Wonderful tips, Lucy!

  8. Francie Says:

    Great article!! I missed it first time around….having egg on my face is not unfamiliar to me, haha….I also remember the blue and green face masks, it was always funny!

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