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January 24, 2007 by Paris Beaverbanks  
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Homemade toner using apple cider vinegar

This is a great way to save on money that you’d otherwise spend on buying toner and acne topical medication. I use, and I advocate the use of apple cider vinegar as a toner. Don’t use it neat no matter how thick you think your skin is. Someone reported that they tried it and “burnt” their skin. Remember, this is a vinegar, and its acidic.

Use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. Its unfiltered which works best.

I used to just mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 1 part of boiled or distilled water. If you find that too strong, you can dilute it even further. Then, keep it in a glass bottle. An old jam jar or any small bottle lying around the house can be used.

If you want to kill the smell further, try mixing 1 part apple cider vinegar with 1 part green tea. Let the tea cool first. I prefer this concoction now because I think the green tea seems to help improve my skin too.

It clears the skin of spots and prevents them, as I have advocated in my beauty blog twice thus far. How does this save you money?

A large bottle will last you a long long time – years maybe, if all you are using it for is making toner. A box of green tea is similarly cheap. If you make a batch of toner every week, 1 box will last you a year. You get a year’s worth of toner which is chemical and preservative free, and works a treat!!

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14 Responses to “Apple Cider Vinegar Toner”
  1. Kannie Says:

    As far as I know tea cant be drunk if it’s left overnight
    But it’s a good idea if u prepare the “apple vinager green tea toner” for only a day use.
    ** plus u need to go through a lot more steps to get the full benefit from greentea on facial use..which I also have no idea how to do lol

  2. Kannie Says:

    *** I meant if the tea cant be drunk if it’s left overnight..then it shouldnt can be used on your face either*

  3. T-Rev Says:

    This stuff really works- if you’ve really been investigating it like I have, and have some awesome Ravving reviews on using this Vinegar instead of other acne scrubs and wut not. You use it after you wash your face as a toner and it does wonders. * I just bought myself some today :) *

  4. t Says:

    How many tea bags do you use per cup of vinegar.

  5. pauline Says:

    you can mix equal parts of green tea, distilled water and apple cider vinegar. you can also add a few drops of chamomile or rose water if your skin is sensitive. store in a bottle and discard after about 3 months.

  6. Blobberguts Says:

    Its honestly nicer with honey thats all I have it with jkust DONT put any sugar or sweetner in.

  7. anna Says:

    hey i have bought apple cider vinegar as capsules..can i swallow them..wll it make my skin better do i use it? or should i just return it and get a liquid bottle? :S

  8. elaiza Says:

    can you use pure apple cider vinegar on your face or you should always dilute it water? correct me if i’m wrong but you’re suggesting that the toner must be 50% water and 50%ACV right?

  9. steph Says:

    it looks like others who have commented are confused! a toner is used on your skin after you wash your face, this isn’t to drink although drinking apple cider vinegar diluted in water or drinking green tea is good for your skin from the inside out! after you wash your face apply this mixture to your skin with a cotton ball then you can moisturize. soap is alkaline which cleanses your skin, but your skin wants to be acidic so a toner is used to make your skin balanced cider vinegar is acid and really works just DILUTE! 50/50 mixtures of water and vinegar i think would work well for verry thick oily skin but try one part acv to 3 parts water for a more gentle toner! and if you want the green tea boil like 2 or 3 tea bags in a cup of water and use that instead of the water

  10. Nidia Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this! I have been battling an allergy on my skin for 2 years now. I tried switching shampoos, cleansers, toners, lotions etc… You name it, I tried changing it. I started using apple cider vinegar mixed with green tea along with my usual cleanser and moisturizer and it completely eliminated my allergic reaction. I battled with red itchy bumps along my hair line and all over my forehead and after just a few days of using this new home made toner, they disappeared. I can’t thank you enough!!

  11. Katharine Says:

    Green tea can be drunk or used after one day if it is stored properly. You just shouldn’t leave it out uncovered or bacteria will get into it.

    Drinking apple cider vinegar is also very good for your general health and your skin. The ACV balances your pH levels which in turn regulates your hormones, which helps reduce acne breakouts.

  12. Karla Says:

    I have done this with the 50% water to 50% apple cider vinegar solution and have kept if refrigerated. I’m sure you could do this with green tea (take the tea bag out) and it would work fine. Maybe do small batches each week (1/4 cup to 1/4 cup).

  13. Pitakid Says:

    Vinegar is used in preserving food…. I think vinegar itself can be used for years without refrigeration. Green-tea / Vinegar toner should not be a concern…

  14. Charlotte Says:

    you shouldn’t need to refrigerate this because the high acidity of vinegar should kill any bacteria that gets into it. I would keep it out of sunlight though. apple cider vinegar is also fine to drink if you really want. On the bottle I have, there is a recipe for a salad that uses ACV as an ingredient in the dressing. I just can’t imagine it would be very nice straight up or even diluted in water. I drank straight vinegar once as a kid (my sister tricked me), and it BURNED. But I was fine. In the toner, I filled my bottle up 1/3 of the way with ACV. I used 3/4 cups boiling water with 3 green tea bags and seeped it for 45 minutes. I also threw in some fresh mint leaves to seep with the tea to add a nice smell. Then I filled up the bottle with the green tea.

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