Acne: Problem and Solution

July 20, 2009 by novelist  
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Acne can ruin a woman’s social life and can be absolutely frustrating. But it does not have to be this way. The problem can be controlled with simple skin care.

Women who are bothered with a common skin problem, known as acne, feel at once dejected, so much so that they may develop an inferiority complex ,as far as their social life is concerned.   A woman whom I know and with whom I enjoyed many evenings of dining and dancing,  has suddenly withdrawn from her social activities because of the visible bumps on her chin, brow, cheeks and nose.  She could do nothing except scrub and rub her face, thinking that perhaps she could erase the blemishes and reclaim her once outgoing spirit and mannerism that highlighted her personality before she had encountered the problem.  Finally, realizing the futility of her efforts, she put away her paints, her powders, her ointments and creams,  declining invitations, and lapsing into despair.  “I sure as heck don’t want anyone to see me looking like this,” she said to me.

Whiteheads, blackheads and pimples can surface at any age.  The skin is packed with oil-producing, sebaceous glands that are particularly active on the face, chest and back. These glands manufacture the oil and keep the skin soft and pliable.   During adolescence, new production of hormones stimulates the glands, causng an excess of oils that back up and clog the pores.  When the oils cannot get out, pressure builds. The walls of the ducts begin to swell, forming pimples.  Study has shown that hormonal changes, occurring during the menstrual cycle, have been linked to adult acne, which can also be inherited.

It does not mean that acne is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life.  Regardless of age, an occasional pimple or even a full-blown case of acne can be controlled with simple skin care:  Keep your nose clean.  According to Stephanie Pincus, M.D.,  you should wash your face, once or twice a day, But do not overdo it, for the reason that overly vigorous scrubbing may compound the problem by irritating the skin.  Do not use abrasive or antibacterial soaps; just plain soap and water.

Women who regularly cover up with makeup can develop what doctors call acne cosmetica — cosmetic-clogged glands.  Use water-based products, easily removed with soap and water, in order to keep your pores open.

There is not enough scientific evidence showing foods, such as chocolate, french fries and cheeseburgers can cause acne. If you know that you break out every time you eat a hot fudge sundae, start eating yogurt, instead.

Stress can also get your skin excited.  Avoid squeezing pimple blossoms on the tip of your nose, causing pimples to rupture, leaving permanent scars.

If your acne continues to persist, your best bet is to see a dermatologist.

An over-the-counter drug called benzoyl peroxide might help. After washing, spread a thin layer of benzoyl peroxide over your entire face, once a day.  Increase it to two or three times, when your face gets used to it.

A prescription drug called tretinolin, which is a derivative of vitamin A, alters the growth of oil glands. If applied once a day, it can dry up current pimples and prevent others from forming.

For acne that is out of control, your doctor may prescribe a drug called isotretinoin (Accutane). It should not be taken by women that are pregnant, as it can cause birth defects.

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2 Responses to “Acne: Problem and Solution”
  1. fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa Says:

    Great article, but I would truly try to stay with the simple stuff over the counter. I once tried my son’s acne medication on one tiny pimple, and that area is forever scarred. Not by sight but by feeling it. Sometimes perhaps just more frequently face cleaning and less touching is the simpliest of all solutions

  2. Beauty Connisseur Says:

    Our skin is the first thing that others see about us. Having clear, healthy looking skin is an important “first impression” factor, that is why those who suffer from acne or acne-prone skin are always looking for new and improved ways to treat it.

    The skin is a reflection of overall health and mirrors what is occurring within the body. In order to achieve healthy looking skin, the first step is a controlled and healthy diet, hydration and vitamins. The next step is the proper topical treatments that are specifically for acne prone-skin. A great way to discover the proper acne product for your skin type is to get a skin analysis done. This will allow you consulted beauty technician to recommend the proper and most effective topical regime for you.

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