Acne and It’s Treatment

February 3, 2011 by Suni51  
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Acne on oily skin is a real problem. Here are some remedies to keep them away.

Acne is bad

Acne is ugly and in order to prevent and treat them one needs to take proper skin care. Acne occur due to various reasons like exposure to dust, hormonal imbalance, lack of hygiene, stress, perspiration, lack of healthy food and lack of quality sleep. Therefore, I suggest you to drink enough water avoid junk food, sleep enough, and take quality sleep. Sunscreens have nothing to do with acne. As I have mention earlier also and few friends objected to it but i say it again that acne has direct relation with dandruff and especially on oily skin, so see to this that your scalp is dandruff free as it gets deposited on oil and this is too bad for your skin.

So one should take multiple wash of his/her face, enough liquid and quality sleep are the key to your acne free skin.

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    thanks for sharing!!

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    See I would do all this stuff but it’s hard to keep up with it!

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    Not a bad article but it’s a bit short. Hope that you improve upon this and start creating longer articles. Thank you for sharing this great post!!

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    Good to know. Its nice to have flawless skin.

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    Thank you for the tips! Great share!

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    This is interesting. I don’t really have a problem with acne, but this is good to know for those who do.

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    Nice information.

  9. Likha Says:

    I didn’t know dundruff had something to do with acne. Thanks for this new info.

  10. Likha Says:

    Sorry, that should have been spelled “dandruff.”

  11. Suni51 Says:

    @Jadeluv- This article is about 1000 words long but I make 12 of it to publish it on this site.

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