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Accutane is a powerful drug that worked wonders for me personally.

I didn’t always have skin but I can promise you it was in my genes.  While you can’t blame that or do much about it, there comes a time when simple drugstore products aren’t doing the trick.

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Personally, I had cystic acne, which is the worst kind.  You can’t really break it open like regular pimples and zits, and you can guarantee that you’ll get scars if you try any picking.  Mine got horrible and I did pick at it a lot.  I tried everything.  My doctor even put me on antibiotics which did nothing.

Eventually I got a referral to a fantastic dermatologist.  He wasted no time with me at all and didn’t make me come in for nonsense (I hate how doctors do this).  He used a needle to break open my cysts and let them drain.  This is something that should not be tried at home as it is very dangerous.  While it did hurt, his method worked for treating the bad stuff I had then and there.

After trying some topical treatments, he decided to put me on Accutane.  My acne did get worse before better but I have basically flawless skin now.  I did have a little bit of a rough ride with Accutane.  I suffer from depression and it did bring me down a little more than usual, but it was tolerable and sure worth the results. 

Accutane can be expensive but thanks to insurance I didn’t have to sweat that too much.  I highly recommend this drug for anyone suffering severe acne.  It should not be taken unless the acne is truly severe.

As for scars you may since have (which I do), you can get laser treatments to lessen the redness.  I personally did not opt for this, although my dermatologist suggested it.  I simply didn’t feel that my scars were bad enough to justify the laser treatments that my insurance would not cover.

Everyone is different, but if you are considering this drug for your acne, you should be sure to read up about it as much as you can; including user reviews.  Talk to your doctor and then a dermatologist.  Express any concerns you had and tell them what you’ve previously tried.  Good luck!

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  1. cosmokatt7 Says:

    Great article… You seem to be quite lovely now, so I quess the treatment worked very Well…!

    I once had adult acne, but i was helped by a Hawaiian physician who used TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) I have never had acne nearly as bad since…!

  2. fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa Says:

    I have heard the pros and nays of this medication , So glad it worked for you.

  3. aheed411 Says:


  4. Aroosa Hermosa Says:

    well informed.

  5. bobbyc Says:

    Have heard a lot about this medication glad you had good luck with it. Great information.

  6. Muhammad Fajar Marthias Says:

    interesting to know

  7. Prada Purse Says:

    Many thanks regarding an additional helpful site.

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