8 Easy Steps to Clear Pimples From Your Face

July 17, 2007 by CHAN LEE PENG  
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Annoyed with your pimples? Grab these important tips and clear them out!

Do you have pimples or, worse still, acne? Here are some tips that will help protect you from blemishes.

  1. Do not go to bed without washing your face
  2. Always clean your face. If you have dirt still on your face, you will face with some nasty pimples problems.
  3. Sleep well as your skin heals a lot while you are sleeping
  4. Do not use soap on your face for this can irritate your skin. You should use facial cleanser instead. You can buy them from supermarkets or pharmacies.
  5. Wash your face at least twice a day with clean water
  6. Never sleep with your face directly on the pillow. Resting your face on the pillow may make it break out with pimples the next morning.
  7. If you have pimples on your face, do not pinch or try to squeeze them. This usually causes you to push the pimples into your skin, making healing time even slower.
  8. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins from your body so that your skin stay hydrated.

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37 Responses to “8 Easy Steps to Clear Pimples From Your Face”
  1. denise Says:

    why is it that i dont get alot of pimples but for some reason im starting to break out!!!

  2. ashleigh Says:

    i am 11 and i have had pimples for11 years and i have tfied everything .so i think i wiil trie this.

  3. vanch Says:

    is’t effective to apply facial clenser to our face?

  4. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Hi Vanch,

    You can use the facial cleanser but please make sure that the cleanser is suitable to your face. Before applying the cleanser, remember to clean your face to get rid of dirts.

  5. yena Says:

    i am irritated by this nasty pimples….

  6. Rachel Lovaas Says:

    Wow, that adivce sucks.
    nahh i’m just playing, that is actually
    all really true, but also i need to add
    a step, whenever you use mascara remover
    make sure you get oil-free, because some of
    you that have oily skin, the remover makes it
    break out a little bit more, so be sure to wash
    it off with a towel and your cleanser really well.

  7. Jake Ryan Says:

    Hey Rachel,
    your advice was great!
    by the way, your in
    my first block at school..
    haha (: iloveyoubaby

  8. neelam pandey Says:

    hmmm…really good tips…as many people face this problem…and it can be easily followed by any1 and every1.

  9. FeeL-LiCkZ Says:

    Foreal might sound random but for me tooth paste works really good.and if u don’t believe me try it! =)

  10. yupyup Says:


  11. goodselfme Says:

    Good helpful ideas for everyone

  12. 0987654321 Says:

    when my pimple goes away, it leaves a black spot and never disappear! now, i have a lot of black spots on my forehead, its like a scar, and ive tried so much things but nothings working.

  13. rachel lovaas Says:

    haha, who are youu?

  14. eve Says:

    nice tips… also take a clean ice cube and rub it over the pimple. it will stop it from growing any further.
    And please dont try toothpaste on them as it is the worst thing you can do to urself.
    Also mix a little turmeric powder with rose water and apply it on your pimples only for 15 mins or so and wash it off with cold water. Turmeric powder is good as it has anti-inflammatory characteristics.
    Enjoy :)

  15. greg:) Says:

    noo that didnt work :( dick!!

  16. pooman Says:

    cuming on ya face works Cwap!!

  17. Doctor oZ :) Says:

    ok guyz…ill try to be doctor here….first of all ….1- i think that alcohol is the best way to clean the face…(not alcohol the drink) buy it from any pharmacy its cheap….2-use cotton (not tissue) cuz it sucks the alcohol …after that you should drink aproximatley 1.5L/day thats to flush toxins as said above….never sleep with ur face on pillows cuz it blocks the face pore and clogs them…3- your sheet beds are to be washed weekly as preffered to keep germs away from approaching ur face.4- avoid sun or sweating and if u do , wash with clean water or use alcohol.5- reduce the nbr of masterbartions :) … its a fact that it adds pimples…6- do not wear any tshirt or pants made of polyester or nylon.Always try wearin cottin or others. 7- keep your face cool and away from any heat source. final- use yougurt as an aplicator on the face and mix it with starch( not sure if its called starch , but its what makes macaronis and spagettis)…… doin these steps will 99.999999% clear all ur pimples as long as you do ur job daily .

  18. Deep Blue Says:

    Great tips I could use on my pimple haven face. Thanks.

  19. aswanthkumar Says:

    how to remove black spots created by pimbles????

  20. ujjwal Says:

    hiiiiiii it is nice but patience….
    how can i remove the dark spots after pimple??????

  21. Joliese Tan Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………. thanks for tips…it’s very imp not to pinch pimples bcz their treatment is very difficult and they take more time… plz give some tips for sunburn…..

  22. musa Says:

    tanx for this article

  23. ALIMA Says:


  24. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Hi ALIMA,

    Try remedies in my article http://healthmad.com/beauty/how-to-get-rid-of-acne-or-prevent-acne-recurrence/

  25. indi Says:

    1) a suitable cleanser, toner, and some face pack that will tighten the face(fuller’s earth face pack). do this twice a day.

    2) avoid worry/stress. be cool and do whatever you can to “”keep your body cool”".

  26. indi Says:

    Keep Your Body Cool. (lots of fluid, avoid excessive working, in the sun, take cool foods, avoid foods that create heat inside body, cold bath, wash head very often- keep it coool)

  27. sri Says:

    i think it will work

  28. sabari Says:

    am waiting 4 tat result itz not work after again am try

  29. sam8098375970 Says:

    oh am try but i feel little improve now am feel better

  30. Kulu Says:

    ur idea was superb i just want to say thanks…

  31. Tawon Says:

    This is precise advice!!!!! becuz l do these steps already and l have clearer skin ;)

  32. kimberly :] Says:

    im 13 yrs.old, i have a pimple under my lips. , what should i do.!
    im so confuse cause this is my 1st time to have a pimple.!
    pls,.help me.

  33. Naomi uta Says:

    Im 11 turning 12 and i have had pimples since i was 9 ghey go away for a while then they appear again!!! I might try this now!!! I use neutragena or however u spell it! It dosent work!!!!!

  34. Raji Says:

    well i had a seious acne problem….
    n these remedies helped me get back my flawless skin…

    1. make a paste with fresh yoghurt and turmeric powder and apply on d face atleast 15 mins b4 u hv ur shower… but cleanse ur face first b4 applyin… practise this on alternate days :)

    2. after d shower dry ur face and dab some rosewater over ur face with cotton balls… it gives u a glowing tone to d skin…

    3. apply face packs containing “fuller’s earth’ or “neem n turmeric” extracts once a week… face packs contain “saffron ” too r helpful

    4. try 2 keep ur hair clean from dandruff n lice etc as this also causes pimples…

    5. make it a point to wash ur face 5 times a day espcly wen u wake up n b4 gng to sleep… use a soap-free facewash instead of d usual bathing soap :) skin on d face is much more sensitive to chemicals…

    6. practise Steaming once every wk. simple… cover ur head n face over a bowl of steamin hot water, inhale n exhale few times…u might start sweatin but its gud as d steam unclogs pores n dirt.. let ur face cool down under the fan.. n apply rosewater again 2 close d pores…

    7. n finally eat lots of fruits rich in water content, drink plenty of water, avoid fatty n oily foodstuffs… do yoga… n most importantly keep ur self happy :) :)

  35. Jessica Says:

    It worked i tried it and it really worked

  36. makath Says:

    thanks i try this

  37. Roushan Says:

    Bhosadi wale land jhorna aur mutth marna band karo sab thik ho jayega

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