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A few years back, silicone wristbands and bracelets became an instant hit amongst young boys and girls.

A few years back, silicone wristbands and bracelets became an instant hit amongst young boys and girls. They have the same popularity now as well. Starting as a hot favorite fashion accessory, the use of wristbands and bracelets have evolved a lot. They are now used as fundraisers and awareness boosters. Recently, their sale raised millions of dollars for cancer research.

For fashion

It has been over ten years that silicone wristbands are in the limelight as a fashion craze. They are no doubt, a great marketing tool today used by most companies to grow business or to spread brand awareness. Still used as an accessory by both boys and girls, there are many noble causes round the globe for which this accessory has been used to raise funds. When it comes to choosing a high profit promotional tool, silicone wristbands are a good option. Found in different colors and designs, you can have the style you want for your cause.

For fundraising

The low production cost of silicone wristbands is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this accessory for the cause of fundraising. The manufacturing cost is so less that they can be sold at an amazingly low price. Another vital factor is that people always look for an affordable way to give support to their causes such as, medical research, political or environmental issues. And what a better option than silicone wristbands?

Three years ago, a disastrous earthquake attacked Haiti, a Latin American nation. In order to help the victims, Ohio school district raised near about 5,000 dollars. The students, the faculty members and the staff sold wristbands for one dollar each. It took less than three weeks to raise the amount. At that time, certain groups wrote it off that these efforts are all meaningless. ‘Slacktivism’ was the term used by the skeptics for the efforts. They were of opinion that the wristbands just made the people feel good while wearing them. The accessory were not a powerful tool to support the cause.

What the skeptics said is not our concern here since their opinion does not make any sense considering the large amount of money the sale of wristbands raised in such a short time-span. The fact is even if people wanted to, for many it was not possible to travel to Haiti and help in the relief efforts because of varied reasons. Also, not everyone was not able to contribute a lump sum of money for the cause. Those who purchased silicone wristbands made a contribution. Each contribution added up to become a good amount.

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