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August 1, 2010 by dreamywriter95  
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The six steps to a shorter morning beauty routine!

Whether you’re going to be late to work, you want to sleep-in later on school days or you want to simplify your look for the summer, these 6 steps will help you.

Step 1. Instead of mounds of foundation, use a tinted moisturizer to give you an even coverage. First,exfoliate your face to even it out (I reccomend St.Ives apricot scrub.smells good and does the job) then evenly distribute the moisturizer on your face and your neck.

Step 2. Apply your concealer directly to your problem areas if you have any. Round tipped brushes work best because they pinpoint the spots. Then blot your fingers on the spots to sort of blend it.  Another tip is to apply the concealer in natural light because artifical lights can decieve your perspective.

Step 3. Eyeliner. This is optional but a brown eyeliner or a brown/balck color can make you look less tired and more awake but still looking natural.

Step 4. The right kind of blush can bring out the natural undertones of your cheeks. Lighter skin tones need more of a peach color. Medium  tones need a brown blush slightly shimmery maybe something around a bronzer. Dark tones need rosy cheeks. But remember, a little goes a long way.

Step 5. When choosing a lip color weightless lip stains and non sticky gloss work best.I reccomend revlon just bitten lip stains (it’s also a lip balm!) and victoria’s secret beauty rush lip glosses. Both can add that shine you need but feel so light you’ll barely know it’s there!

Step 6. Instead of waking up early to get perfect curls that fall flat by the time you walk out the door, try doing your hair the night before. After you get out of the shower and your hair is still wet, run a shine serum through your hair with your fingers but don’t put too much at the top. Then, attach the nozzle piece to your blow dryer and dry your hair 50% of the way. If you want soft curls, use sponge rollers. The beauty of these is that all you do is roll your hair in them like any other roller but they soak up the water in your hair and shape your hair in to curls overnight! Then in the morning, spray a little hairspray on the rollers before you take them out and after.And even if a curl goes flat just use the conair minipro curling iron. It’s an on the go iron that doesn’t require to be plugged in! Or if u want defined waves, braid your hair into 2in sections (sometimes I like to spritz a little deep conditoning spray over my braids to make them
softer). That’s it! Then in the morning, use a a little hairspray in your palms and run them lighlty through your unbraided hair. Another simplistic look that doesn’t take much time is the classic ponytail. You can fluff it up, pin it to the side, clip it up or jus pull back your hair. The possibilities are endless!!

I like to spritz my fave perfume or body spray before I go out the door it boosts my confidence! And, if you want to add some personality to your hair, add a cute headband, hair accessory or leave a couple braids in when unbraiding your hair in the morning. Don’t forget to personalize it that’s always the fun part! If any of these steps worked for you let me know!

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