Sharing Notes with My Husband

March 23, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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Writing notes has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. My husband loves getting these notes, in his lunch sack!

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese I made, a sandwich for Jay, my winner,

To hold him over and satisfy, ’til I warm up the roast, for dinner!

Jay, Today it’s my turn to send you some flowers! I’m so happy about the beautiful life the Lord has given us to share. And, what is so great about it, you can be flawed and no matter what it is, I can forgive you, and go on. I can be flawed and no matter what it is, you can forgive me, and go on. No sin or shortcoming can outweigh the love of God in us. There’s not one thing we can say or do, that will hinder his genuine compassion and true love. That’s the only real security in this world! I am learning how to forgive and the release I feel, can’t even be put into words. I’m becoming free and the pain I have inside is going away. I’m beginning to enjoy life again! Only God can perform a miracle and that is exactly what I need. Outside of a ‘wonder’ that big, there’s no hope and I’m thankful that God still loves me. Jay, thankyou for sharing your life with me. Together, we can face anything, if we continue to put God first!

                                                                        Love, Kharla

God is great, God is good, Thank Him for this Chinese food!

Sweet and sour on top of rice, will fill you up and taste real nice.

Cheese on crackers, some Pringles for you, followed by vanilla yoplait, too.

Enjoy your lunch, today have fun, Giving glory to the Lord for ALL that he has done!

When Jay worked at a building center, our notes shared were quite often e-mails and here’s one of them. 

Animals need a doctor, when they aren’t feeling good,

People call their doctor, when they don’t feel as they should.

When your vehicle makes strange noises or it won’t take you far,

It’s time to call the doctor, who will overhaul your car.

When a building needs repairing, we’d fix it if we could,

But, instead we call the doctor, who’s specialty is WOOD!

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4 Responses to “Sharing Notes with My Husband”
  1. dwisuka Says:

    nice share

  2. TIPS2TRICKS Says:

    God bless you and Jay, madam Kharla :)

  3. lauralu Says:

    very nice I have over hundred litle such notes
    and we still write them
    love nevers ends showing it shouldn’t either
    thanks Kharlaxxoo

  4. Uma Shankari Says:

    Love becomes double when yo show it and share it. Very warm.

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