Seven Batman Costumes You Can Buy

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A DC Comics superhero, Batman has been popular with comic book fans and cinephiles alike for decades. Along with Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Iron Man, many people dress as Batman every year. A Caped Crusader costume can be worn at both a Halloween and New Year’s Eve party. As well as Batman Costumes, his enemies are also a source of inspiration. So, what costumes can someone wear?

1960’s Batman

A TV series, and also a movie, was released in the 1960’s that starred Adam West as Batman. The costume which he wore is largely purple and grey. As this TV series is still incredibly popular, choosing this costume is what many people decide to do.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman

The costume which Christian Bale wore in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is completely different than what Adam West wore. It is entirely black and looks very menacing. Although a plastic suit can be worn, a cloth design could also be stocked by a fancy dress supplier.

The Joker

Played by Cesar Romero, Health Ledger and Jack Nicholson, the Joker is one of Batman’s most feared enemies. The costume which the Joker wears is largely purple and his face is covered with white paint. By also purchasing a pack of cards and a plastic knife, someone can look just like the Joker.


Batman’s sidekick, Robin has been played by various actors and his costume is instantly recognisable, in particular because of his yellow cape, red waist jacket and green underwear. Chris O’Donnell played Robin in two movies and his costume was largely black. So that a Robin costume looks comical, choose one that is just like what Burt Ward wore.

The Penguin

The Penguin has been played by various actors. Along with Burgess Meredith in the 1960’s TV series, Danny DeVito has also been cast as the Penguin. With a top hat, a cane, black coat and a white waist jacket, an entire costume can be bought to look like one of Batman’s enemies.


Even though Bane is muscly, a padded suit can also be purchased to look like him. A costume retailer typically has an entire Bane costume which comes with a face mask. Although a brown jacket doesn’t have to be purchased, it can be worn in order to look like Bane. Due to the popularity of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, which Bane appeared in, many people around the world now want to dress as this character because of how menacing he looks. 

The Riddler

One of the most popular Batman Costumes around, the Riddler is another of Batman’s enemies. Having appeared in the 1960’s TV series, the Riddler was also in ‘Batman Forever’ where he was played by Jim Carrey. With a green leotard which is covered in question marks, Jim Carrey also had a red wig and green glasses in the aforementioned movie. When a group of friends are each dressed as different Batman villains, the Riddler is a great costume idea.

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