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February 20, 2011 by yugasini  
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To get rid off bad odor from the body,you have to follow the below mentioned small tips.

Some people get more sweat, it effects the sex life also , by small changes in your life style ,you can keep the bad odor from you

Daily take bath twice compulsorily  in one in the morning and other  in the evening, add some drops of Rose and teetry oil in the bath water

Mix some lime juice, white vinegar, tomato juice  in baking powder and rub the mix, on the armpits and other related places where the bad odor is coming, wash after some time, by doing this regularly, you will find good results

Some types of foods and food habits also increase this bad odor, using of  onions, tobacco and liquor and Masala (mixture of spices used to make food non-veg items), so  be away with all these things

Take one glass of Wheat grass juice daily before brushing the teeth, you will get results soon, the Chlorophyll in the wheat grass juice will fight with   bacteria which brings bad odor to the body

Air will not flow through Silk, nylon, Nylex and they will not suck the sweat ,the result was getting sweat on the body, and bad odor will start, so it is better to use cotton cloths and wear cotton cloths , these will absorb the sweat , use  light colors for the dresses,while washing the cloths ,use vinegar on the places of armpits to remove the bad smell and due to sweat.

Due to Tension,  pressure ,and fear by these emotional things more  sweat will  release from the body, so be cool, calm and lead the life  without tensions

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