Pockets Filled with Rocks

March 23, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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Walking dogs is one of my favorite pass times and collecting rocks is another thing I enjoy doing. So, quite often these two things get done, at the same time!

Walking my faithful dog ‘Teddy’ was wonderful! He taught me about the inner bull-dog nature, to display his powerful strength, at the end of a leash. He was aggressive, did a lot of male bullying and had a heart full of love, for everybody he met! His favorite people were children and babies, who were often afraid of his grueling, mean appearance. One man slowed down his car, hollering out at me, ‘Hey, lady didn’t you know it’s  against the law, walking that dog without a muzzle?’ I wished he would have stopped, got out of his car and stuck his chops close to Ted’s face! He would have gotten the shock of his life, getting slobbery licks from one side to the other, in about two minutes time. Apparently, he just didn’t understand my bull-dog’s nature. After sixteen years of shear enjoyment, Teddy finally died a natural death. I missed our frequent walks together, but didn’t want to get another dog, for quite a while after losing him.

 Casey, our neighbor’s dog was a poor little beagle mixed bread. Her owner seldom let her off an extremely short cable, in their back yard. I volunteered to take her for a daily walk, which added joy to both our lives. She bonded with me and looked forward to our time together, each afternoon. We would wander through brush and around some pretty big pine trees, that surrounded our community baseball field. Usually, we passed by all the children’s play equipment in the Lutheran School’s side-yard, around their church building and through its large parking lot. I loved to pick up rocks, as we took our jaunt together. I would usually come home with my pockets filled with pretty stones, to add to my ever growing collection at home. As long as it didn’t slow us down too much, Casey really didn’t care what I was picking up along the way. She was delighted, just being invited to join me every day!

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