Perfume Review: Fcuk for Her by French Connection

February 29, 2012 by ClaireBrando  
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Fcuk for Her by French Connection – Perfume for Women Review.

Fcuk for Her (or Fcuk Her as it often looks from afar, causing a lot of double takes!) is a fragrance made by French Connection.

Introduced in 2003, this is listed as a “casual” scent. The fragrance notes for this perfume: oranges and lemons blended with woods, sage, and patchouli.

Fcuk for Her is a perfume-y smelling perfume at first, and overall – this is strong when you first put it on, then fades a bit into a spicy, citrus scent that softens into woodsy as it dries onto your skin. The secondary notes are much less perfumey, but still a bit so, and do remind one of things Parisienne – you could easily picture this fragrance in a grand dining room of white linen and gold at lunch time in France, a la Sex in the City where Carrie meets Big to discuss his engagement to Natasha (or whatever her name was), even though I’m not sure that conversation actually took place in Paris. Third notes are slightly fruity, slightly mossy. The patchouli really makes for some interesting scent blends with the citrus in this scent, fooling your nose into thinking you smell powder or flowers at times.

Overall, Fcuk for Her is one I would probably buy again. It’s a nice fragrance, not overly flowery, not too spicy, not too overpowering, not too sexy but it is sensual – this would be a nice second date fragrance, I think. Not necessarily one that I would put in my Top Five, but definitely in my Top Ten. It’s good to switch your scents around, and this is one that definitely deserves a test drive. 

There are a couple of variations of this scent now, including the new Fcuk Friction, which I have not yet tried, Fcuk Summer, Fcuk 3, and Fcuk Connect; there also Men’s versions of the Fcuk fragrances, too. Try out a sample vial on card before you purchase to see what you think, and if this scent stays with you (that’s the number one complaint about fragrances, but everyone’s chemistry is different, and what stays with one person doesn’t necessarily stay with another, so don’t go by the reviews – try the scents on yourself and test them out before you veto!)

Liked it
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  1. marqjonz Says:

    Good article. Your reviewing a product you use.

  2. mdrkarim7 Says:

    Cleverly branded!

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