Perfume Aroma of Women That Like by Men

September 9, 2012 by FabChuz  
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Perfume Aroma of Women That Like By Men.

A women who does not wear perfume has no future, it’s a quote from Coco Chanel, the woman who founded the brand label Chanel world. Women are synonymous with beauty can not be separated from perfumed aromas. Women who have a fragrant scent is preferable to women who are not particularly fragrant odor, eww ..

So it is with men, even if they never say it, they are like the woman who fragrant. One way to emit a fragrant aroma is perfume. But not all women perfume preferred by men. Here are some scents that can make them more fall in love and have always wanted to be close to you.


The aroma of vanilla has elements of gentle and sweet, this scent reminds us of the warmth of freshly baked bread, everyone loved it. Men (often unconsciously) like vanilla-scented women because it emits an aura of feminine, soft and sweet side of a woman.


The smell of musk aroma is actually better known as the man who accentuate the masculine. Women who wear perfume with the scent of musk is usually private, independent and resilient. Men love this scent because there are challenges to conguered thrill your heart.


The smell of oranges or other citrus scent exudes a fresh and energetic. Women who wear orange scented perfume will emit joy. Men like women who are cheerful and warm. Therefore, no wonder if many men like orange or citrus-scented perfume.


Perfume with the scent of lilies have a very soft scent. Men are genetically have a tape to find a partner who has a soft side. Lily scent can help a woman emits a soft side that is often sought by men. No wonder the aroma makes men want to be close to her partner.


Do not always frowning. While in Indonesia, jasmine scent synonymous with supernatural, many brands of the world are wearing perfume scent of jasmine. The smell of jasmine does have a powerful magic to make him catch your mysterious side and trying to know more about you.

Remember ladies, wear perfume taste, because the smell is too strong can make people dizzy smell them. Aroma above does not have to be 100% or 100% jasmine scent citrus scent. You can find perfumes that have one basic flavor aroma above so as not to get bored.

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