Peach and Pear Shaped Breasts

February 24, 2011 by Paul Faulkenham  
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Some women were born with Peach shapped breasts, others were born with Pear shapped breasts, most men don’t know the differences.

Peach And Pear Shaped Breasts


Oh those glorious days on beaches around the world, and the women who go there either for attention or a tan, or both. Young women, and women of all ages all have one thing in common and that is to flash as much chest, or breast as possible, or legal. If anyone thinks that women go all out just for the fun of it, you’d be sadly mistaken, they want and most times get your attention, but here’s something you may not know about a woman’s body shape, especially her breasts. There are two types of breasts, Peaches and Pears and after reading this if you want to check it out, just look around you, in an office atmosphere, or perhaps at a beach or swimming pool. Of course it helps if the woman involved in your search is wearing a bikini as full-length swimming suits usually flatten a woman’s breast.


And so you are at a beach, the sand is bright White and the tanned bodies of the ladies on the beach is driving you nuts and along she comes, tanned from head to toe, her breasts seemingly wanting to jump out of their top, and the top looks so full. Her breasts are round, her nipples straight out, and you are about to go blind. Oh my, you think to yourself, what a way to go. If you are a breast man, you know what I’m talking about, but do you know the type of breast you are looking at? Probably not, so I’ll tell you. These types of breasts are called Peach shaped breasts. The reason they are called that is because they resemble a Peach, rounded, and full or so it seems. It’s when the woman who has these Peach shaped breasts ages, that one really sees the difference between the two types of breasts. Peach shaped breasts droop, or flatten out like pancakes as the woman ages, even if she works out constantly in a gym it doesn’t matter, her fate is sealed. The woman with the Peach shaped breasts will sag before she sees thirty years of age.


Women with Pear shaped breasts fair way better, and if you like to look at breasts, then looking at Pear shaped breasts should turn you on like crazy. They stick straight out. The bra can be as full as the woman with the Peach shaped breasts, but with the Pear shaped breasts there’s no doubt you are looking at a woman who in all likely hood will carry these Pear shaped breasts to her grave, and yes they too will sag, but not while the woman is in her 30’s. Usually a woman with Pear shaped breasts as long as they aren’t more than a 36B will keep their form well into her forties or more. She will look good in anything she wears, her breasts will stick out as though she’s still a young woman and with today’s fashions, the padded bras and push up bras, a woman with Pear shaped breasts will look a lot longer than a woman with Peach shaped breasts. Though we can’t help who we fall in love with, be that person have Peaches or Pears, if you are looking for a lady who will light up any room with her breasts, I’d be looking for a woman with pointy breasts, there’s no doubt, anything this woman wears will look good on her, and you will smile to yourself, knowing in your heart she’s on your arm and hopefully driving the men in the room nuts with her pointed breasts.


Paul Faulkenham February 24,2011


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