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September 7, 2008 by ebazaar  
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Say no to puffy eyes. Learn what you can do to counter and prevent them.

Nobody like having puffy and swollen eyes with severe dark circles around the eyes. I certainly hate it and it really was not a wonderful experience to wake up with one. Barging into the office looking like you just got up from bed can’t be any worse than looking like an alien that just landed on earth near your office building.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

Many factors contribute to puffy eyes. However, initially you have to know that the skin around the eyes are very thin and sensitive. It is often that we got puffy eyes after waking up from sleep and after crying. This is pretty normal, but anything other than this can be due to eye condition that may need to be attended by eye care professionals. Among the causes are such as stress, allergies, hormonal changes, illness, aging effects and fluid retention.

After crying – the body reacts to emotions and this will make more blood flows to the area around the eyes, causing it to swell. And of course, when we cry a lot more tears are shed and this will eventually cause strain to the eyes.

After sleep – the cause is mainly because of high sodium diet that cause water retention. Other than that are insufficient sleep, excessive drinking of alcohol which both can contributive to puffy eyes after sleeping.

Foods You Should Eat

  1. Asparagus, parsley and tea are some of the well-known organics that has the natural “cooling” effect (diuretics). This “cooling” effect is very effective in solving the issue of “puffiness” by reducing it gradually.
  2. Banana is loaded with potassium and citrus fruits that is useful to balance the liquid composition in our body. Both these fruits is also good in helping to reduce puffy eyes.
  3. Chilies are not only used to stimulate blood circulation but also able to reduce dark circles around the eyes.

Immediate Cure Needed?

  1. Trying resting with cucumber slices on both your eyes
  2. Ice can do wonders too and you will be glad to know that you have it handy when you wakes up late for work. It works for me. Wash your face with cold water and place some ice wrapped with towel over your closed eyes bit by bit. Placing it for a long time may freeze your eyes up! Alternatively you can use refrigerated spoon and placed it over your closed eyes.
  3. A neat makeup trick can do wonders to hide away those bags. Use natural tone concealer around your eyes and might as well cover up those dark circles.

What You Should Avoid

  1. Alcohol and yeast bread – the main cause of puffiness
  2. Salt intake promotes water retention, so you should certainly avoid salty food like soy sauce, salt fish and high sodium frozen food

Other relevant tips:

Raise your bed before sleeping. Since your head is higher than your body, it will avoid fluids from setting around the eyes.

Hope this will help you to the road of “no more puffy eyes!”

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4 Responses to “No More Puffy Eyes”
  1. neelam pandey Says:

    this is a very often faced problem by both men and women..really good tips…thanks for sharing!!

  2. Autumnrose Says:

    Super tips! Just what I needed! Thanks!

  3. 123 Says:

    thanks, almost every other person has this problem

  4. quirquiña Says:

    don’t use the ice over it .. years before I caused had rhinitis (kind of chronic closed nose- like a permanent cold) for using ice there… how can I raise the bed ? you mean a bigger pillow ??

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