Need Fuller Lips??? Here’s a Cheap Way to Do It!!

February 13, 2011 by callmefrostbite  
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This product worked WONDERS on my friend Elisha and her lips used to look like little turtle lips!

Hey you guys!

My friend in school started using this at the beginning of summer, and quite frankly, it looks like she got slightly worn-off lip injections- But not in a bad way!

It’s like… when you get lip injections, they look swollen and unreal… but my friend [Elisha] uses this once every 2 days [she says everyday is just too much] and her lips went from.. well.. turtle lips.. you know.. the ones that are like, flat/turn in.. to lips that are a little less than mine! She said if you stop using it for a week, the effects start to wear off in a noticeable way, but otherwise she said she can’t “live without it” ha ha!

Anyways, it’s VERY clear that it works for her… I wish I could get her to stop using it so I could get before and after pictures… but alas, she doesn’t like people KNOWING her lips are flat… and she would wonder why I want to take pictures of her lips before and after!

SO! I encourage you, if you have like, less-than lips, you should totally try this! I think right now they have a mail-in rebate for you to basically get it for just the price of shipping!So go ahead and try it!!

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