My Intuition | A Review by Belle Pierdon

April 11, 2011 by Belle Pierdon Sayles  
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The Schick Intuition is a great choice, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Schick intuition razor and refills

The Intuition Razor is not only a product that I would recommend for daily usage, it’s a product that actually healed my dry legs.

  As the cold Winter weather approached each year, my legs would get flaky and dry.  I tried lotions and creams; both of which would aggravate the condition; even went as far as cortisone ointment but the itching continued.

I shave my legs during every season and shaving did not appear to make the condition worse but it didn’t help, either.  I bought the Schick Intuition Razor and the Refills for Sensitive Skin just to have a new razor; never occurred to me that this would be the solution for my condition that I’ve endured for at least a decade.

  This product has helped me and I hope that it can help someone else out there that just might have the dryness; flaking; itchy skin that is quite troublesome.  Within two weeks and shaving with this product daily, my condition cleared up and has not come back; that was three years ago. 

Note:  The product Schick Intuition Razor and Refills are quite pricey; no more than the alternative shaving products, though.

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15 Responses to “My Intuition | A Review by Belle Pierdon”
  1. foxpete88 Says:

    good one…thanks.-

  2. KRuskin Says:

    Ihave tried this before and it is one of the BEST products out there.

  3. galore Says:

    nice one, Thanks

  4. Wrath Warbone Says:

    Funny how perfect solutions just drop out of the sky into our laps sometimes. I quit smoking purely by dumb luck. I would have been put in a nursing home otherwise.

  5. Marco22331 Says:

    nic post.. thanx

  6. Freethinking Says:

    Now you see, that is something us men never think about, yet you informed this male today. My wife is lucky because in the winter months she doesn’t grow any hair on her legs at all. It is a mystery that she doesn’t mind. :)

  7. KittyK Says:

    This product sounds perfect for me! I will have to make a purchase and try it out. Thanks so much!

  8. kimberlyds Says:

    Interesting review

  9. researchanalyst Says:

    ha ha I thought you were talking about the other intuition okay I see.

  10. sanaahmed Says:

    great sharing

  11. Lynn Hollis Says:

    Informative share.

  12. juliachild Says:

    Thanks for sharing..

  13. juliachild Says:

    Good article,thanks.

  14. Peace Poet Says:

    Thanks for sharing very useful and attractive information.

  15. neopisiva Says:

    To be honest,I didn’t expect this will be about razor when I saw the headline,but it’s a good article,thank you for sharing.:o)
    I will try it out!

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