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September 26, 2011 by Ruby Hawk  
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Every woman enjoys decorating her home. Favorite colors change from year to year and decorations go out of style. While we don’t want to break the bank dressing up our homes, we do want to keep it looking up to date. You can do it on the cheap if you’re watching pennies, which most of us are doing these days. Thrift stores are the first places to start. You can always find some beautiful deals there. Yard sales can also have good bargains. Your old furniture can be brought up to date with varnish or paint. Using a little paint, fabric and lots of elbow grease we can beautify our homes on a budget.

The dining room is the most important place in the house. It’s where family comes together evenings and where friends guests gather to create special memories. A round dining table works well, as large or small as your room allows. It’s less formal and guests and family meet on a common footing. No one feels left out of the conversation. A sisal rug goes well with the informality of the room. The dining room can be expensive to decorate but you can still have a stunning room on a budget.

Cover of Favorite Colors

To create a beautiful warm dining room, there are many colors to choose from but these are some favorites you might like. A muted green is popular for walls, with golden curtains for the windows. White ceilings will set the green and yellow off. Warm brown for slip covers will be beautiful with a sisal rug for the floor. If you have moldings, a muted neutral paint will look perfect.

Instead of buying new chairs, give your existing ones a face lift with slip covers you can make yourself. Better yet, look in thrift stores for ready made ones. If you don’t find ready made at the thrift store, look for fabric to do them yourself. This will be the best deal in fabric you can find. If you happen to have a pretty bedspread to spare, you can make your dining room slip covers from that. While you’re at the thrift store, look for your curtains.

Buy a large screen or picture for the dining room wall that will be a show stopper. A large picture sets the tone for the space. You will be most likely to find a large screen or framed art at the thrift store. A nice quilt or mirror would also work well. Whatever you choose, be sure it picks up the colors of the room.

Consider bringing in a multipurpose piece such as a dresser or chest to hold napkins, tablecloths and also to serve as a buffet. If it’s a little banged up, strip and sand the piece and either paint or varnish it to look like new. If you decide to paint, you wont necessarily need to strip. Just use a rich paint to paint over the dings.

Other popular colors are creamy beige for walls with muted orange for window curtains and a deep olive green for dinning chair slip covers. A good way to choose colors is by looking at paint strips in the paint section and comparing colors. You can place them side by side and see what colors go well together. You can also go to fabric stores and stack colors together to see how the colors blend in.

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    I make my own slip covers. I save money and get exactly what I want.

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    When we had the basemnt painted, my mom got paint strips and it took her months to pick a xolor. She has paint strips for her bedroom and has been choosing colirs since before daddy died a year ago and she was looking a year before that.
    Great ideas

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    I love that green and gold.Lovely tips about the large painting.
    My drawing cum dining has a blue,grey,white, so colour choice becomes limited.

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    My daughter has a 10-room house and finds it a joy matching and mixing her effects after which she sleeps soundly.

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