Men Want a Freak in The Bed, But a Lady in The Streets?

December 1, 2012 by Mrs Petra Belcher  
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Is this really a true statement? How many women have had to hold back because their man thinks their woman should not being doing that?

It doesn’t matter what she wants or will do with you or for you.Sometimes men don’t crave it with his significant other. He decides that is his partner, his lady or his wife.…She is held to another level.

You don’t realize you may be depriving her of her needs, wants and desires as well.

Many women have to suppress their fantasies. A man feels inadequate if a woman asks for more or wants to experiment. They take it as a threat to their manhood.

When in fact opening up to your partner can open a whole new world. It doesn’t make a man less of one, it makes him more desirable, her fantasy come true.

Men should never be intimated by a woman’s desire to try something different. In fact, she may be showing you what truly pleases her. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong, it simply means let’s try something different.

Men don’t realize they really don’t have to look at porn. Their woman is probably open to doing so much of what you desire if you simply open up. Talk to her and begin a honest loving conversation by letting her know how much you want to see her doing something or wearing something.

Sex should be fun for both. It should be exciting and fulfilling for the man and the woman.

No one likes to feel used as a method of release or just a piece of azz. They want to be a active participant. To be desired and wanted by their partner.

Take the time to know her body. Make love with the lights on. We all grow older and maybe somethings hang alittle lower than they use to, but real love begins with the mind.

Talk to her, ask her if it feels good and watch the reaction. Tell her to talk to you. Listen. 

Most people have a little exhibitionist in them.  Heck let them put on a sexy show. Ask her to dress sexy for a romantic home cooked meal. Light the candles and play some soft music. Look into her eyes and make her feel she is the only woman in the world. Make her feel desired.

I can almost guarantee she will begin to want you, desire you and crave you.

Take it slow. What is the rush?  Enjoy the moment and savor every inch of her.

All women want is to know they are what you think of sexually. Not that porn star or the woman walking down the street , but her.

So make love to your woman. Relax and take your time. Let her know she is your ultimate fantasy.

Pretty soon she will be putting on a show for you. She will have lust in her eyes for only you, the man she loves.

While you are out there watching someone else’s fantasy you could have a real life one at home.

Take a chance….Sometimes all you want is right in front of you.

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