Mature Women and Sexual Confidence

August 9, 2013 by Spoken Poet Brown  
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For mature women who want to heighten sexual experiences.

Mature women hold the key to their sexuality. As women, we can have great sexual fulfillment as we desire. Age is not a factor!

Really, sex can be even better as a woman matures. This is because our minds are more experienced. Mature women can own their sexual pleasure.

A mature woman can easily chart the quality of the sexual experience when she visualizes and accepts good sex should be a part of her womanhood. Truth be told, sex is even better as a woman ages. This is especially true when sex is based on a woman’ needs and not false perceived insecurities of body image and age.

Be Comfortable with Your Body

Your body is your temple. Think of yourself as a sexual goddess who is worthy of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. A good sexual revitalizing experience is to use a full size mirror to view your whole body. Forget any imperfections. See yourself as a sexual being. See yourself open to pleasure. Imagine that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

Orgasms Start Mentally

During foreplay, imagine reaching your height of pleasure. Also, dreaming about your partner enjoying immense pleasure from your touch; raises sexual endorphins that will heighten the experience. In-vision your partner’s excitement and curiosity by understanding you are vessel and reservoir of extreme wantonness. Keep these thoughts foremost in your mind before, during, and after sex.

Sexual Openness

Don’t be a prude. A mature woman should open herself to full nature of her sexuality and womanhood without preoccupation. Preoccupation with image and sexual ability hinders the whole experience.


- Be comfortable with your body

- Realize that orgasms start mentally

- Open yourself to sexual pleasure

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