Youtube Sensations: Top Five Makeup Artists

August 7, 2010 by Poetic Enigma  
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For those that like makeup and would like some tips and tricks, here are five makeup artists that help out with tutorials on youtube.

Recently I have been wanting to learn more about makeup, so I have found a lot of great makeup artists sharing their tips and tricks on youtube.  I thought it was time to share the top five artists that I have been learning from.  I hope you enjoy!

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Leesha, who goes by the name of xsparkage on youtube is a very talented and young (at the age of 22) makeup artist.  She does freelance work and has been on youtube since 2007.  Leesha does reviews and first impressions of different makeup items, skin and hair care videos, and how-to-makeup-tutorials.  Right now she does mainly two tutorial videos a week.  Wednesdays she creates more wearable looks, and Friday she brings out more looks that are bold and colorful.  In the past she has done a Disney, Superhero, and a horoscope series. She has also done looks that are neon, smokey, and neutral.  You can check out her blog at

Subscribers: 204,000 +
Youtuber Since: 2007


Petrilude, or Josh is a fantastic makeup and tutorial artist.  Josh has been making tutorials on youtube since 2006.  Now you’re thinking a guy who does makeup?  That may sound crazy but he is very talented with what he does.  Josh has a lot of tutorials on fun makeup looks varying from neutral looks to bold and dramatic.  In 2008 and 2009 he created a few tutorials on Halloween masks/looks.   Josh also has videos that teach about skincare, how to cover eyebrows, and ones that are foundation focused.  One final thing to mention about Josh before is that he is a self taught freelance artist from Illinois.  More info about Josh/Petrilude can be found on

Age: 25
Subscribers: 183,000 +
Youtuber Since: 2006


Cora, also known as vintageortacky on youtube is a bright and energetic makeup artist.  Cora as well is self taught as most of the other artists on this list.  She has videos on reviews of new products (or her favorites), where she even shows swatches of the colors.  She stands by products that are not tested on animals, so if you are looking for makeup that is not tested on animals she might be able to lead you towards some great cruelty free makeup.    Cora has a lot of makeup looks that are bright, bold and popping so teens especially might like her work.  She’s done a few makeup series; Harry Potter and Sailor moon are just two that you can look forward to finding.    Visit if you would like to find out more about Cora and her makeup tutorials.

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