Women Talk: Facial Foundation and Powder

April 10, 2011 by FX777222999  
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Good make-up begins with an even, well-applied base, and this is produced by careful use of foundation and powder. The foundation provides the background tone and color, and the powder used to set the foundation so that it doesn’t streak or smear.

The coloring of your foundation and powder is very important, and should match your own natural skin tones.  If your skin is very white, or pink and white, you can use pale foundations with a tan, honey, or pink tint.  If your skin tones are more sallow, or suntanned, go for tan, beige, olive, or occasional peach shades – pink tints will look unnatural on your skin.  If your skin is black or very dark, you can get away with dark tones of browns and reds.


            Always test the color of foundation or powder on your face rather than on your hand, as the tones are very different.  If cosmetics are too light they will make your face look mask-like; if they are too dark they will give it an unhealthy all-over flush.  Remember that this is only a base to even out skin tones; color and shading can be applied later.


Note: Start with absolutely clean skin.  Your make-up will look better and last longer.




            Foundations come in several forms.  Liquid foundation, in bottles, gives a light coverage and is suitable for fine and young skins in good condition.  Most foundations are slightly thicker and come in tubes or pots – these are easier to apply, and give a more substantial coverage.  Solid foundations, which come in cake form, are really only needed for badly blemished skin, for instance a face scarred by acne.


            Your face should be very clean and grease-free before you apply foundation; if there are any traces of oiliness, apply an astringent lotion first.  To avoid clogging the pores with foundation, apply a moisturizer first; allow 5-10 minutes for this to be fully absorbed before you apply your foundation.  Put a blob of foundation in the palm of one hand, or on the back of the hand, and use clean fingers or a dampened sponge to apply the foundation in even strokes to one part of the face at a time.


Note: Apply make-up in a natural light whenever possible.  This way you can spot any flaws and blend make-up more perfectly.

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    good info, I tried some new foundation looking in the bathroom mirror and my other half thought I was sick when he saw me. After taking a look by the window, I went right back and removed it. I looked like a ghost.

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    Finding a good foundation and make-up product is really essential. Interestingly enough, foundation and make-up is very protective of the skin, especially when in the sun, wind or other elements. Most foundations provide moisturizers which also enhance the skin.

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