Which Eye Shadow Best Suits Your Eye Color

February 25, 2009 by complexbanana  
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Knowing which eye shadow best suits your face is extremely important. Using the right colour on your eyes can add so much life to your face.

If you have brown eyes, light pink or champagne colours work really well for a soft, fresh day look. Try also a lavender colour that will really make your eyes pop. For a night look, try really bright colours like blue, green or a hot pink to really accentuate your eyes.

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Blue eyes suit almost every shade which is lucky! However, they particularly look good in browns for a less noticeable day look. One of my favourite look for blues however, is a black or gray smokey eye look. This can be particularly glamourous. If you want your eyes to look really blue, choose a darker blue than your eyes.

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Green or hazel eyes really suit earthy colours. Try browns and khaki colours. To brighten your eyes try a forest green colour. To amp up your look for night, try gold or bright purple.

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An edgy look for all eyes is silver. I would really recommend that everyone tries this next time they are going out and want their eyes to look amazing. This colour shimmers and catches the light and really highlights your brow bones.

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6 Responses to “Which Eye Shadow Best Suits Your Eye Color”
  1. Sandra Tapia Says:

    Excellent article for us eyeshadow girls. I didn’t start using it until two years ago. I never liked the way it looked on me. My mom was a make-up artist and experimented with this cakey stuff on me for years. I finally adjusted to it. I’ve never done the grey thing though thanks for the tip. I’ll be trying this one soon.


  2. complexbanana Says:

    Thanks Sandra!
    Glad I could help
    I was the same as you, but now I hardly leave the house without it on!

  3. PR Mace Says:

    Excellant well done article. I have hazel eye that change with whatever color I am wearing. So, for everyday I wear a light purple with a color called raisin to outline the edges. When we are performing for a dance show it do smokey with raisin, dark brown and silver. It looks great. I wear glasses for everyday but not when I dance so I really play up my eyes. I loved this article. I will buzz it for you.

  4. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I have blue eyes and I think smoke is my favorite but I do wear other colors. great article.

  5. HelloMickey Says:

    Thanks. It’s good. What about dark brown eyes?

  6. complexbanana Says:

    The colours for brown also look good on dark brown eyes, try lavender or a champagne colour.

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