Which Cosmetic Brand is Most Popular Among Women

December 2, 2009 by katelove  
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Which cosmetic brand is most popular among women? Famous cosmetic brands are costly but are they really good to use? Learn more about cosmetic and find out which is the most the popular cosmetic name brands.

First of all, looking at the MAC cosmetic brand, the M.A.C.  Eye shadow retails at $14.50 dollars which is cheaper than the Lancôme eye shadow which costs $16.50 dollars. However, it is slightly more expensive than the Clinique eye shadow at $14.00 dollars. These eye shadows are all well known, more expensive than drug store eye shadows, and they are around the same price range. They are good because they contain rich pigments providing a luscious and highly pigmented makeup. 

M.A.C.  cosmetics are quality products compared to the cheaper drug store make up. M.A.C.  powder eye shadows are easy to glide on, soft, and blend well. Yet, it does not mean that all drug store products are bad. Some Revlon crème eye shadows are great to wear. The colors are pretty and the crème is great to put on your eyes. They are half the price of Department store cosmetics like M.A.C., Lancôme, Estee Lauder, and Clinique. Yet, you may want to try Clinique if you are sensitive to make up as Clinique is famous for its Allergy tested products. You may also want to take a look at M.A.C.  since they have a wide selection of colors that are designed for the modern chic woman.

M.A.C. cosmetics offer a contour image like Chanel does for modern women yet at a much affordable price which maybe the number one reason that so much people like M.A.C.  cosmetics. In addition, their range of products offers people a wide selection that lures the customer. People start to collect the many attractive color lipsticks and eye shadows as they realize that they enjoy using the makeup products from M.A.C. company.

M.A.C. colors can be very striking or bold. Their dark and rich colors of eye shadows, liners, and lipstick create a confident image of the women who use their products. Their luxury items make women feel like stars and thus, many people like M.A.C. Essentially, M.A.C. cosmetics used to be designed for stars in photo shoots and later were made available for regular everyday consumers.

One thing about M.A.C. is that they hardly have sales and usually their sales are around 10% off.  They tend to have them twice a year so people usually stock up during the sale events. On the other hand, you may want to search online for some discount. Try out the colors at a local department store to see if M.A.C. cosmetics is right for you.

You will soon find out if expensive cosmetic are worth the price that they are sold.  At the department store counters they offer free make overs and you can give it a try there to see if you like their products.

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13 Responses to “Which Cosmetic Brand is Most Popular Among Women”
  1. MineralMakeup Says:

    A great article on MAC, it’s one of my favorites, but then I’m also a MP artist and get a 40% discount :)

    As a cosmetic and bio chemist, that manufactures mineral makeup http://www.raesinimages.com EpiDermalogy Labs, LLC USA makeup really varies depending on a woman’s age. Women over 35 tend to stay away from the great bold colors and glitt that M.A.C. Cosmetics offers, and with natural makeup being in high demand, the chemicals in products like M.A.C. don’t appeal to women concerned with aging skin. Yes I’m one of those as are 99% of my clients.

    For those interested in trying Mineral Makeup in over 3,000 colors and products please feel free to visit our Raesin Images Natural Cosmetics website. Being a MAC Pro artist for so many years really added to helping me formulate my line of colors, and we have over 50 foundations. Our mineral cream foundation is 100% natural and covers better than the MAC Fix, so do give it a try, your skin will thank you and love the colors.

  2. Val Mills Says:

    Found this fascinating – as I’ve grown older I’ve gone back to cheaper brands through necessity, and honestly, no one would know the difference.

  3. Christine Ramsay Says:

    A interesting and informative piece. I also plump fpr cheaper brands as the more expensive ones have not proved to be any better for my skin.


  4. Frances Lawrence Says:

    Interesting, I don’t think we have M.A.C cosmetics in UK

  5. Joe Dorish Says:

    My GF uses Clinique, will ask her about M.A.C.

  6. Darla Beck Says:

    I don’t use a lot of makeup, so I don’t have a favorite brand.

  7. Themax Says:

    yes thanks :) ha ha! I am not a girl still very good info!

  8. MystiquE Says:

    I agree with Themax, not for me but I liked the information. Good article

  9. MystiquE Says:

    I agree with Themax, not for me but I liked the information.
    Good article

  10. PhoenixRox Says:

    I have used M.A.C and gosh it is sooo good. I don’t get it where I stay now :(

  11. ladydryle Says:

    i dont know how to use make-up…but this is a nice one, very informative…

  12. Jeanette Says:

    I have tried many brands(from the cheaper to the more expensive) and I am someone over 35….I love M.A.C…that is all I use. My girlfriends are over 35 as well and use M.A.C, because we love their colors. I use their skincremes and facial wash too.

  13. katelove Says:

    thanks all for your comments, which other brands do u favor? Do you like newer trendy brands like Smashbox or young but traditional brand like clinique? what do u think about N.A.R.S

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