What The Hell

July 27, 2011 by tonyleather  
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Is there some editorial gremlin working away at trying to make life MORE difficult for us poor contributors than it was to begin with?

AARRGGHH!!!  I have, three times now, tried to get the same Post published, and three times on the run they published the summary fine, but missed the content entirely, making me look like a real lame-brain! I have never known anything to be so incredibly frustrating, and actually debated deleting the bloody piece altogether and re-submitting it as a new post, in the hopes they can get it right this time.

This is the price we pay, I suppose for being part of a site so vast that human editorial inspections are impractical, though how even a robot can fail to put the entire post on line is beyond my limited computer comprehension to even being to grasp. Several people have told me that the post is wrong, and I have tried three times now to ‘fix’ it, but nothing art all has happened in over three hours, and I am rapidly losing my rag with it.

It cannot, surely, be too much to ask that some human being intervene on occasion, if only to reset the software bot so it runs things the way it should? I shall not let this irritation get the better of me, but take steps to make the changes needed to see the post appearing on line as it was intended to be. There are times when the admin team really do appear to be fast asleep, or playing volleyball on the beach, instead of attending to triond business. Is it any wonder we all get so fed up of it at times, when the situation appears never to change for the better?

The question becomes, it seems at times, just how important the site is to those who own it, because presumably they make a living from it? If the site is so big now that they cannot possibly handle it without software editing, then they must be making enough money to afford some human editors, or am I  Being unrealistic in thinking that? If there were more vigorous quality control the google rankings would certainly perk up, but nothing comes free, so maybe admin should bite the bullet and be more positively pro-active.

None of us who write for triond stay because the money is any good – shamefully poor in my view, for the obvious effort put in by some contributors – we stay put because triond has a unique and rare atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship that means a lot to anyone with experience in the lonely world of the writer. Please triond, do not let this bond of fellowship weaken further by NOT addressing the problems. Your actions can make all the difference, so at now, before the ship sinks any lower in the water.

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13 Responses to “What The Hell”
  1. Melanie T Says:

    Sorry you are having such issues (sure wish Triond would apologize to us once in a while)! There are problems with this site almost every day now, some big and some small. Hope you can get it worked out quickly!

  2. ashan1614 Says:

    I wish you the best. For a while yesterday, I couldn’t even connect with the site, getting the dreaded 502 Bad Gateway error.

  3. meandu Says:

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. I too had trouble earlier today with the online editor and submitting. Somehow things just were not working right. I finally had to get out of everything and retry.

  4. s hayes Says:

    Hi Tony -

    You are not the only one having problems
    I have not been able to get on the site for 24 hrs – the Triond security certificate was showing as red – Even now, all is not well as my content page is showing as 55718 seconds old !??!!

    I have tried to delete the last article I published (but It won’t disappear) – half the content is missing & it is posted in the wrong category…as I presume this article is also.

    I Wish they would let us know what the hell is going on!

  5. Kristie Claar Says:

    I’m sorry you are all having such difficulties with TRIOND. The only thing that I have noticed with TRIOND today was problems with posting comments. I would sometimes have to close an article and reopen it to submit a comment.

  6. captain Black Says:

    i cant see any updates .. every time i refresh it, it says the information is 60,000 seconds ago, refresh for latest update and it has been this way throughout the day…

  7. bbethard Says:

    oh dear..guess I am glad I was working on Helium articles yesterday and today!
    dadgumit…they (the writing platforms) do not pay much then they mess up…
    still after sticking with HubPages since May and not even making 25 bucks…I have to try other spots…so i will stick here a bit and learn, always trying to learn more about becoming a true wordsmith :)

  8. Meg Smith Says:

    There was definitely some kind of glitch today, because it was almost ten minutes between my article about sesame-ginger chicken salad being accepted and it finally showing up in my content list. I thought at first that it had been lost forever.

  9. Vincent Barry Says:

    I know how frustrating it can be when a computer error makes you look like you don’t know what you are doing. Especially when you have worked so hard for a “quality” article.

  10. Wherner5 Says:

    I agree. They need to hurry up and step up to the plate and solve the ongoing problems many writers here have that is highly frustrating.

  11. hexebella Says:

    thanks for posting, I think I should find an alternative to Triond as right now I am only writing for triond.

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  13. catherine Says:

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