What Can We Do to Have a Perfect Skin

May 18, 2011 by SraduA  
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Tricks for a perfect skin.

         Best facial masks for pimples are these(twice a week on):

1.Egg Mask:you break the yolk and whites separate.Whites in a cup / bowl,yolks in another.The first time you skate with whites(you can use a paint brush),wait about 15 minutes and rinse your.Then you give the yolk and still stay about the same.You have a soft leather.Like a baby.

After you use a toner with aspirin.Take some aspirin,it crumble(to be powder)and then put half the amount of water, half vinegar.That is: if you want toning lotion 500 ml put 250 ml of water and 250 vinegar.Need to rinse with warm water.

2.Aspirin mask:take some pills,put about 10 ml of water(to dissolve)and put yogurt and honey(how do you think you need a mask).

3.Scrub with corn


-you take a cotton wool and a dip in champagne.

-mix it with white of an egg muesli and you put on areas with blackheads(nose, chin or forehead, it depends on where you).

-another scrub:cut a slice of tomato(try not to be very ripe)and give the powdered sugar and then get out face

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