Weekly Handy Tips Series: Reusing Cosmetics Before Trashing

September 11, 2008 by Rookie Expert  
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Here are tips on how to reuse stuff to make your beauty parlour bills go down. Next time you are about to throw a broken compact powder or your old mascara, you might want to rethink and reinvent its use. Go green and save some greens too!

Cosmetics are expensive. Since we don’t want to take a chance with our skin or hair, we usually end up buying the best quality products that always manage to burn a hole in the pocket. Using them optimally (I did not feel like using the word stingily, though that is what I wanted to say) is one step closer towards reducing your expenses over cosmetics.

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An estimate $18.8 billion was spent on cosmetics and perfumes just in the USA in 2000. Some women confess to spend at least 65% of their money on cosmetics alone, each month. So you see, the numbers are big and being stingy is sensible.

What you could do with your broken Eye Shadow:

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Don’t you hate it when your eye shadow breaks, it makes such a mess in the makeup bag. Worse if you break one in the purse, everything gets covered with the coloured powder. If you ever have a broken pigment, all you need to do is add a few drops of 70% rubbing alcohol and press the pigment back neatly into the container. I always use this shorter, quicker method. The video below shows a better and neater way to fix the broken eye shadow or compact face powder. It’s very easy and reusing is always better than throwing them away.

What else you could do with your broken Compact Powder:

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Another thing you could do with broken compact powder or blush is to make your own homemade lip balm or lip gloss. I prefer nude or light colours for the lip gloss or lip balm, just a little bit of shimmer and lots of moisturising. But if you like yours coloured, you could try using eye shadows also. When making a lip balm it’s advisable to stick to more basic colours and nudes, since for the balm we are going to use petroleum jelly. When you apply it on the lips, it tends to spread a bit and a dark shade will look untidy if it spreads out distorting the shape of your lips. For the lip gloss we are going to use Castor oil, its polar in nature and sticks well on the lips. All commercial lip glosses contain Castor oil. So your gloss can be as bright coloured as you like.
Using the back of a spoon or a butter knife scrap out the pigment (when I say pigment it means eye shadow, compact face powder or blush) so that you have a fine powder. If the pigment is broken already, put it in a Ziploc bag and crush it to a fine powder by pressing it with a spoon. Add the powder to your petroleum jelly or castor oil, depending on what you are making, balm or gloss. You can add roughly about a pinch of powder to 2 table spoon of balm or oil. Proportions can vary according to choice. Mix very well and transfer the contents to a tight lid container. For the gloss, you can get lip gloss containers from any art supply store.

For more ideas check – Reusing Broken Lipsticks to Make New Ones

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18 Responses to “Weekly Handy Tips Series: Reusing Cosmetics Before Trashing”
  1. SeventhSibling Says:

    So many great tips!! I liked the video. Nice work.

  2. gabbic1219 Says:

    very interestins and yes the cost of makeup is crazy…i love natural and nude color for the lips also,thanks for the tips!

  3. jo oliver Says:

    Great tips. Makeup has went crazy. In order to get something that doesnt look like clown makeup, you have to pay 15 dollars or more. Thanks, great job.

  4. neelam pandey Says:

    wow!! great tips, ROOKIE!!

  5. penny golding Says:

    great tips! I love the one about the making your own lip gloss..

  6. josh utley Says:

    you are NOT KIDDING about the cost of makeup. i could buy 4 dvds for the same price if my g/f would ease up on it a little bit

  7. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    Great tips. That’s a truly helpful tip about the mascara. I have to try this one. I spend way to much every month for this little bottle of gold.

  8. BC Doan Says:

    This is really a great article, and very informative. A girl’s best handy book!

  9. RJ Chamberlain Says:

    If I were a woman I could really use this info. Might have to pass it on to my wife instead. Well done.

  10. dee gold Says:

    what a wonderful article,rookie!even though I am not one of those who really enjoy putting on make up, I really appreciate the tips.God bless you always!

  11. Rookie Expert Says:

    Thanx everyone for appreciating the article. A few of the things i’ve mentioned above like ading water to hand soap and shampoos, making the leave-in conditioner, using mascaras for tatoos; I’ve been doing them forever now. Got that habbit from my mom, she never waste’s anything, she always has an idea for re-using. It has helped me a lot. I dont care if people think im stingy, i think im getting the best use of things and its better for the environment.

  12. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I am about as stingy as you can get. I use everything. I don’t like to waste anything. I add water to my shampoo and conditioner and get the same results. You have some wonderful ideas here. Thanks for helping us be thrifty. Best wishes,Ruby

  13. suresh attal Says:

    your tips came handy to impress my wife. thanks dear. suresh

  14. Anne Lyken-Garner Says:

    Some helfpul and handy tips here.

  15. Ritz Says:

    Great tips, love the one for lip gloss!

  16. BOSS Says:

    cool tips…it is fascinating to know that evrythin could be recycled

  17. Madison Zartman Says:

    Hey That is some kewl tips

  18. Atichoor Says:

    Awesome article- I have a crumbled eyeshadow (that I was seriously just about to throw out) I want to try the first tip on right now! Thanks for all the helpful tips :-)

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