Top 10 Elegant Fabrics

November 25, 2011 by DanielD  
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If you love fashion, do not miss the following selection of the finest and most recognized luxury materials.

Find out if your favourite one is on the list of the leaders and remember these great names next time you go for exclusive shopping.

1. Lamé: Woven fabric featuring metal threads that provide a glitter effect. Used for formal party wear of particular brightness.

2. Crêpe: Light weight, supple, and plain weave silk fabric. Perfect for cocktail outfits.

3. Brocade: Heavily figured jacquard fabric with a lustre yarn effect. Ideal for evening wear .

4. Chiffon: Delicate, sheer, and open silk fabric. Used for blouses, squares and evening wear.

5. Satin: Soft filament yarn fabric with a lustrous face. Due to its shyness, it goes well for dresses and sophisticated t-shirts.

6. Organza: Thin, transparent, and plain woven fabric with a stiff finish. Used for formal blouses that will perfectly match a pair of tailored trousers.

7. Piqué: Cotton double fabric showing rounded and wavy welts in the weft direction. Regularly used for summer clothing.

8. Cashmere: Smooth woollen fabric made of fine goat hair. Used for top warm pieces as a hand-made cashmere sweater. It’s also outstanding for winter complements like a cashmere scarf.

9. Tweed: Woven woollen fabric made from coarse, irregular and mottled yarns. Thanks to its resistance and durability is good for jackets, suits, coats, and costumes.

10. Goat suede: Soft handle leather fabric with a silky surface. It’s strong and it keeps its shape, so it’s perfect for shoes and handbags.

Identifying whether an item is good quality or not is as much as important as recognising if it’s in or off style. After this brief fabric description, now you know about the general appearance and properties of the finest materials. Have these commercial names of fabrics on mind, they are a big help when trying to get into the distinctive features of particular items.

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