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April 1, 2013 by Ignasia2010  
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This is a personal review of the makeup product They’re Real mascara by Benefit cosmetics. I purchased this product with my own money and this is my honest feelings about the product.

Recently Benefits cosmetic introduced a new mascara called, “They’re Real” I was excited to try this new product because I had used benefit brand mascara in the past and really liked it and this new product had a new brush design that I felt would be suitable for my mascara needs. So I went out last week and picked up this new product from Ulta.

This product retails for $22 and is .3 oz of product.  This is about a mid range price for mascara. It stacks up against the Bad Gal mascara from benefit which is $19 for .3oz and the Dior Show Black Out mascara which is $24.50 for .33oz. As you can see this is not the greatest price for mascara, however for non-drugstore mascara it is not a terrible price. 

I have very sensitive eyes and some mascara will make them itchy, watery and will even cause them to swell. This product did not. I have not yet forgotten to take it off and slept in it yet, which is usually when the worst reaction happens but in the daily use I have yet to have a reaction

The packaging on this product is very nice and is once of the things that makes this product very special. First lets talk about the outer part. It is sold in a typical black box that list that list the name of the product as well as some of the benefits it claims. Inside you find a sleek silver tube with a screw top lid and the name of the product on the outside in a bold black and orange print.

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What is most special about this product and its packaging is the applicator wand. The brush has staggered bristles that in case the brush including the tip of the wand. This allows you to grab your lashes closer to the root of the lash allow you to build longer fuller lashes. The bristles on the tip allow you to get the inner and outer corners as well as making application to the bottom lashes easier.

I was most disappointed in the formulation of this product. I felt that I had to work hard to remove a lot of the product from the brush otherwise my lashes would stick together. This caused my lashes to look spidery the first few time I used the product.

Over all I would give this product a 4.5 out of 5 because I really did love the over all look of my lashes after I got use to the formula. My lashes look natural but bold. It does not fall down my face throughout the day and I have not had any allergic reactions to the product. I do place on purchasing this product again in the future and feel it is a good value for the product.

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