The Dramatic Evolution of Make Up During The Sixties

November 24, 2010 by Alekath  
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Make up was not always as we know it. Have a look at this article to learn how it evolutioned during the 60’s.

Make up for women during the sixties was a very time consuming event.  Today, most women would never devote the amount of time a sophisticated woman of the sixties would.  During the sixties, enhancing the eyes was the primary area of change.  False eyelashes would become very popular but applying blue and green eye shadow would be the norm.  Women for spend many hours preparing their face for sixties fashion.  Heavy mascara and spiked eyelashes took some time to apply right.  The lips were usually colored in a pale color or glittering.  It was very rare to find dark shades of lipstick being used during the 1960s fashion scene.

Since sixties fashion listened closely to the younger generation, makeup companies had to make radical changes to keep up with the different ideas being generated.  Avon and other companies introduced new make-ups that were easier to apply and a little less difficult to remove.  Many fashion magazines began to have articles and photo spreads on how to apply the makeup styles that many top models and fashion designers were recommending.  This was also the time of experimentation as well.  It was not unusual to find someone in what today may be considered a hideous makeup style.


Almost half of the US population was turning into a teenager during the 60s.  This gave this segment of the population an enormous amount of power over many aspects of the fashion world.  It wouldn’t be wise to ignore 90 million teenagers if you wanted to remain in business.  Today’s baby-boomer would be entering his or her teenage years during the sixties.  The hippie movement also brought change to the makeup industry.  Many hippies did excess makeup.  However, it was usually to paint designs on their faces and bodies.  Flowers and peace signs were the most prevalent of the designs created with makeup.


Many people were under the mistaken belief that the hippie look was a natural look.  However, it actually took a great deal of makeup to achieve the ‘natural’ look.  A heavy foundation would be applied that covered or hid the complexion.  Cosmetic companies began to abandon blush and created a matte that gave the appearance of a tanned look.  Lips were left nude or covered with shimmering titanium-based colors.  Mascara was an important part of the hippie or natural look as well.  It was applied very heavily and eyelashes were clumped together to form spikes.  Some would use the fake eyelash and put more mascara on top of them.  To complete the natural look, eyeliner was used all around the eye.  Dramatic eyes were a staple of the 1960 fashion scene.


Makeup would change in hues from the early sixties fashion to a more glittery and brighter color later in the decade.  Cosmetic companies explored many new types of makeup and ways to apply and take them off.  Young women demanded and got more choices form cosmetic companies as they experimented with new ideas to go with innovative 60’s clothes.

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