Smoky Make Up

July 6, 2011 by raheem ahmed  
Published in Makeup

Smoky make up is becoming famous day by day.

Normally black and brown color is famous for make up but it is not necessary to use these colors. Here are some tips for you regarding smoky makeup:

1-      Foundation:

Prepare your skin with foundation. Next step is preparation of eyes. Apply light purple of light blue eye shade on your eyelids. Before applying the make up absorb excess oil with a tissue paper from your eyes. Apply a little bit powder also so that the lines on eyes will not be prominent.

2-      Eye Shadow:

Entire make up depends on eye shadows. So do it very carefully. Although purple color gives a dark shade but if you want to make it prominent than dip the eye brush into water and then apply it. If your eye shadow expands then don’t worry because these mistakes can easily be corrected at the end of whole make up.

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