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September 4, 2009 by J. Dikes  
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I’ve placed a couple more orders with Coastal Scents over the last few months and purchased some more brushes. There were some hits and misses. Here’s how they performed.

Coastal Scents is a great place to get quality makeup supplies on a budget.  The brushes I use on a daily basis mostly came from Coastal Scents.  The prices are great, and they include free samples in every order.  The free samples are nice surprises, and they are generally relevant to what you purchase.  When purchasing micas, I received a sample of another mica.  When purchasing mineral foundation, I received a mini kabuki.  Thus far, I’ve had good experiences with Coastal Scents.  Let’s take a look at some of my more recent brush purchases.  For size reference, that’s just a regular bobby pin.

The Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler

This brush is okay.  I tried using it for my finishing powder, but it’s just not as dense as I’d like.  I’ve even tried using it for mineral blush/bronzer since I apply those sparingly anyway, but it’s not the best brush for that either.  Maybe I’ll eventually find the purpose that this brush is perfect for…but for right now, this brush sits in my collection.  This brush is an example of why I’m glad they have such low prices on Coastal Scents.  Occasionally you’ll get something you don’t like, but it’s no big deal because you didn’t spend that much anyway.

The Pink Round Crease Eye Brush

The brush I own, and the brush pictured on their website do not have the same shape.  I had to double check what this brush was listed as in my order from a few months ago.  It’s possible they’ve changed this brush since I bought it.  The brush I own looks more like Coastal Scent’s Tapered Crease Eye Brush.  Mine just has a pink handle.  But anyway, this is also a daily use brush.  I’m able to be very precise with the application of my crease color, which is great.  The makeup I wear to work is very subtle, and this brush allows me to have a great deal of control over how vivid my crease color is.  This is a great brush.

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