Promote- Crisis or Cosmetics?

July 2, 2012 by Anuja Deshmukh  
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Now a days 80% of advertisements and promotion are done about cosmetics, fashionable items and technical devices. According to me, if this much footage is given to issues such as disease control, help for calamities and many other, it will make difference. Some ways are also mentioned in which we can also contribute, in this article.

                                  Today, while watching TV some amazing   fact that came out of little observation-  

  •   Most of the advertisements were related to cosmetics
  •  Hair care Products.
  • Dental problems and oral solutions
  • Fashionable accessories.
  •  Mobiles, Laptops and other technical devices.

                     Then while surfing channels by chance, I paused on Doordarshan channel. I saw advertisements related to some of the following topics-

Ø Diseases and their solutions.

Ø Prevention of trees and environment.

Ø Need for cleanliness.

Ø Help required for areas affected by calamities.

                      Now, my question to my dearest friends- what is a calamity? A blackhead on your nose or the starving flood affected areas? Today I realized that on an average, there may be minimum 125 channels on our TV sets. They broadcast many TV shows- reality shows, daily soaps, music, comedy shows and many more, every day. But there is only one Satyameva Jayte telecasted only on Sundays.

                        There are special channels for food, on which every day different ways of preparing delicious dishes, are discussed daily. There are channels showing latest fashion trends, bollywood and hollywood’s current gossips. Also 24*7 Home shop 18 is at your service, to help you shop from your home. This is ridiculous and pathetic. Every day animals are getting extinct, pollution is creating new problems, trees are being cut, corruption is creating hell and all this does not matter. Really friends, choosing the right cream, for your skin type is important or sending just one sms to some NGO, for a cause?

                            I just figured out, one solution out of all this, that if we all have got our facebook ids, then really we have got our chance. It does not matter what others think, we must decide our priorities. According to me, sending one message to an NGO will hardly cost one rupee but it will make a big difference. Sharing videos and such news on our fb walls will create awareness and we can advertise them, help them a bit.

                          I don’t say that investing money for our personal benefits is wrong. We earn money to spend it. But that does not mean that we should completely avoid current crisis and only focus on our lives. Life is unpredictable. You can never guess what it turns out to be, the next moment. By God’s grace if we are safe and capable of living our lives, we must at least give a second thought to help someone. Now, you decide- what do you choose to promote?

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5 Responses to “Promote- Crisis or Cosmetics?”
  1. realityspeaks Says:

    Taking a wise decision and making the right choice is important, although its no easy task.

  2. Anuja Deshmukh Says:

    Every decision has a strong impact … Its better to choose tough but right decisions because tough consequences worser

  3. elee Says:

    absolute brilliant description

  4. Anuja Deshmukh Says:


  5. Netty net Says:

    Ok you didn’t say much about beauty.

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