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July 1, 2010 by LaAuteur  
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You don’t need to go all the way to your drugstore to get your makeup remover. Why not stop by your grocery store?

Why spend your money on a makeup remover that may not work and that may irritate your skin? Extra virgin olive oil is a great makeup remover. It’s inexpensive and you could find it right in your kitchen. But first, here is a little science on what olive oil can do for your skin.

Contrary to popular belief, this does NOT clog your pores. The olive oil particles are too large to slide in your pores.

If used on the eye area, this not only moisturizes the skin around the eyes, but it conditions your lashes, strengthening and and maybe even encouraging it to grow longer, thicker, and fuller.

Using olive oil on your skin regularly helps promote greater skin elasticity.

Now that we know the great wonders of olive oil, here is how you can use it.
Coat a cotton pad in olive oil and apply to your skin, paying extra attention to where heavy makeup was used.
Take a wet washcloth (preferrably warm) and gently, in circular motions remove makup residue (if any at all, which I doubt). This also removes dead skin cells and stimulates the blood on your face, promoting new skin cell growth, giving you a fresh dewy complexion.
Rinse face with warm water and then splash your face with cold water to close your pores and seal all the moisture-rich olive oil goodness.
Gently pat dry with towel.

And you’re good to go! Enjoy your clean and refreshed face!

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2 Responses to “Natural Inexepensive Makeup Remover”
  1. Phil413 Says:

    I liked your article! :)
    Yes, olive oil has many wonderful uses.

  2. Payge Says:

    Doesnt wear make up but will keep this in mind when when I do break out my neglected make up.

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