My Wife Does This, So Can You

February 6, 2009 by novelist  
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Proper skincare is something that no women should neglect. You can help yourself look attractive with the right makeup. This can improve your image socially, as well as romantically.

It started with experiments before my wife figured out what kind of makeup works for her, until she finally suceeded in choosing the one that she now considers as indispensable.  Skincare is so essential in a woman’s life, that, as a woman, the right makeup can help make a tremendous difference in your life.

Makeups may be artificial, but necessary.  It is a part of a woman’s daily routine, and must be considered as an exercise in beauty enhancement.

When we emphasize on inner beauty, we must remember that the cliche does not mean that outer beauty should be left on the backburner.  The concept is strictly philosophical, just as it is spiritually inherent in Nature.  Yet Nature’s glory is best manifested in the brilliance of dazzling colors of flowers, the  majesty of oceans and mountains. the splendor of autumn leaves. and last, but not least, the spotless expanse of blue skies, all of which are considered to be external in Nature, though these also possess the inner wonders of Creation that are so spiritually soul-stirring.

Even women, who may consider themselves to be unattractive, can appear attractive, merely by using the right makeup, on a regular basis.

If your daughter feels depressed for the reason that she may physically have a low esteem of herself when compared to some of her friends and associates, you can help change that image of herself by encouraging her to shop around for the right kind of skincare product that she can use.

 My wife uses an oil-free, cleansing gel and lotion.  Most women are aware of the fact that normal skin yields to foaming cleansers and moisturing lotions. Dry skin needs a creamy cleanser and moisturizer.  Get rid of dry, flaky skin by using face masks, available in hydrating and deep-cleaning formulas.  Teens can use a stick foundation tone, in order to cover blemishes. There is another alternative: pressed powder compact that touches up oiliness.

Simplicity of colors is preferred, such as brown/black mascara.   Pick shades that are neutral and look like your cheeks when they are naturally flushed.

Teens are generally self-conscious about their hair. If your daughter has eyebrows that are bushy, tweezers with a slanted tip can pluck stray hairs between the brows.  If you are a mother, your daughter may consider you as a role model.

The last thing that my wife told me about beauty is that you must accept and feel good about yourself.

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  1. Flora Joseph Says:

    Novelist is right on target. This article is so encouraging, that I am presently shopping around for the right makeup. I even printed a copies of this article for distribution among some of my friends.

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