Mossy Green Eye Makeup Featuring Maybelline Expertwear Eye Shadow

October 22, 2008 by J. Dikes  
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Step by step eye makeup done in shades of green.

I don’t wear green eye shadow often, but I bought this eye shadow trio (Ivy League) a while back and haven’t really used it.  So I decided to take a crack at it.

First, I waved a magic wand, which applied moisturizer, lip balm, foundation, concealer, finishing powder, and brow powder.  Then I applied Wet’n'wild Eye Expressions.  The kit is called Avant Garde, but the color I used is called Canyon sands.  It’s the lightest color in the pack and makes a decent primer, just sticky enough to hold onto my eye shadow.  I’m going to buy a real eye shadow primer eventually, I just don’t frequent cosmetics stores :-P   Anyways, I applied using my finger from my lashes to my brow.

I then applied the lighter of the two green shades all over my lid.  You do have to kind of layer this stuff, because otherwise you really can’t see it.

Then I carefully dabbed the darker green into my crease.  Again, building it up in layers.

Then I used the yellow shade as a highlight for my brow and the inner corners of my eyes.  I also added a bit more of the dark green to my crease to deepen the shade.  Sorry about the blurriness, I need a better camera, this one blurs half of my pics.

I then smudged a bit of the dark green shadow on as liner under my lower lash line and above my upper lashes.  I used a damp liner brush.  I tried with the brush dry at first, but I was getting no color out of that.  I only applied to the outer 3/4 of my lid.

I then got side tracked and applied a lip sheer and gloss and totally forgot mascara.  The sheer is by bonne bell, and it has no color name on it…but it’s like apple cider flavored, and very shimmery.  The gloss is by e.l.f. and the color is blossom.

Then I remembered about the mascara, and I decided to actually curl my lashes, which I seldom do.

And we’re done!

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