Minimal Makeup for When You Just Don’t Care

December 10, 2008 by J. Dikes  
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We’ve all had those days. Days where you’d rather not bother. Days where you’d rather just stay in bed. But responsibility calls, and whether it’s work, school, or something else, you have to venture out in public.

When you’re not feeling well and have to go out, you may be tempted to go without makeup.  And that’s fine for a lot of people.  I personally have a very hard time going out without my makeup because I feel self conscious.  On days when I’m not feeling up to applying makeup, or even when I just don’t have enough time for my normal routine, simplifying the routine is often the better answer for me.  Below, you’ll see my alternate routine when either mood, illness, or time messes with my usual.

First, start with a clean face and a don’t care attitude.  So what if it isn’t how you normally do your makeup?  My don’t care attitude took over and I did the tutorial with a turbie twist still in my hair.  Honestly, I forgot it was there until halfway through.  My cold medicine makes me absent-minded.  At least that’s my excuse.

Moisturize (olay complete) and apply lip balm (softlips).

While you’re letting your moisturizer absorb into your skin, think about what parts of your makeup routine are most important to you.  Which parts would you feel uncomfortable without?  For some, it may be lipstick.  For others, eyeliner.  For me, it’s my eyebrows.  I feel that my eyebrows are very light and sparse, so I don’t like going out without filling them in.  I also like to at least apply foundation.  When I used to use liquid foundation, if I had a day like today, I would skip it and just dust my skin with loose powder.  But with mineral foundation it’s easy, so I don’t skip the foundation anymore, even when I’m feeling lousy.

After you’ve given the moisturizer a couple of minutes, proceed with applying your foundation if you like, or just dusting with loose powder if you don’t need the coverage.  I am using Everyday Minerals foundation and Maybelline loose powder because I need to use it up before I buy myself anymore loose powder.  I skipped concealer because I didn’t feel like it.

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