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Don’t have much time in the morning to put on your face? No worries; you can get a feat, refirned look in only five minutes.

Most of us don’t have hours in the morning to do our makeup, but we still don’t really want to skip out of our homes in the morning with bare faces. So, wearing no makeup aside, you are left with two options. Either be late for work or school trying to apply makeup or read this article and learn how to speed up your routine.

Skincare and Foundation:

First of all you need to make sure your face is clean; so wash, and while your face is still slightly wet use a moisturizer with SPF protection. (It will absorb better into your skin for a better effect.)

If you have dark circles under your eyes look for luminescent concealers and dab under your eyes. Once this is done use either a foundation brush or a makeup wedge to apply your foundation. Note that if you do use a makeup wedge you should make sure that a bit of moisturizer is on it before applying your makeup. Dot some makeup on your face and blend it in with you foundation brush/makeup wedge. Make sure you cover your whole face from top to bottom, excluding your eye lids. Blend into your hairline and go a bit below the jaw line to avoid that makeup-mask look. If you have any red areas or blemishes use a concealer and stipple it on with your finger. To make sure your makeup is properly blended take a mirror with you and stand in front of the window; natural light in is one of the harshest type of light so you will see everything. Then use a translucent top coat to keep everything in place, lightly dust it on with a large brush.


It’s the fastest way to brighten up your face and give you a youthful glow. Don’t be afraid of bright colours! I like to use cream blushes best. Apply to the apples of your cheeks with either your fingers or a different brush. To find the apples of your cheeks just smile.

Eye Makeup

Most eye makeup is optional, but a bit of mascara will take you a long way.

If you have time to do anything else then by all means go ahead, just make sure that you don’t apply too much eyeliner, looking like a raccoon is not a good thing.

Finishing Touch

On a regular day-to-day basis I would not recommend lip-liner. All you need to do is add a bit of lipstick or a light gloss. If you want the colour from the stick but the shine from the gloss then put some lipstick on, then add a light top coat of gloss. If you have really dry lips though it might be better to just go with a tinted balm. Try to choose a colour that compliments your skin tone and the rest of your makeup.

That’s all you really need! As you get used to this routine it should only take you 5 minutes. So, no applying makeup in the car! Hope these tips help you guys!

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  1. cardy Says:

    Good tips I never have time to put make up on so I never bother I enjoyed the read thanks for the share.

  2. cutedrishti8 Says:

    nice tips for women

  3. philpott428 Says:

    This is really good. I usually don’t put on makeup but I enjoyed reading the tips.

  4. Atanacio Says:

    well if I ever decide to use make-up LOL its still informative thanks for sharing :)

  5. Avaxier Says:

    I don’t use make-up but this will be very useful for girls out there. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bailey Thompson Says:

    Awesome tips! Most of us don’t have hours in the morning, so this is certainly helpful. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Aleena Says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys!
    Glad I was able to help you Bailey! :)

  8. mathurans Says:

    Very good article, Useful one.

  9. martinpm Says:

    very useful for many.

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