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July 1, 2009 by Jess Shanahan  
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Workplace makeup needs to be subtle yet needs to cover all those little blemishes, getting the balance between well covered and natural can be difficult.


This depends very much on your skin type, if you have good skin then a little bit of tinted moisturiser will be enough to give you a healthy glow. However, if you do have some blemishes to cover then invest in a very good concealer that will keep blemishes hidden even under the lightest of foundations. Don’t pile on a heavy foundation to the point that you look orange, this isn’t a good look and certainly not one that your work mates will appreciate. The point of foundation is to smooth out skin to give you am more even skin tone.  Invest in some very light foundation such as a mineral one, you don’t want it to clog your pores.


If you are wearing a good foundation that does smooth out your skin then a little bit of blusher is essential, the colour you use depends on your skin tone, so try out a few colours to see what suits you best. The trick is to make sure that you look natural, you don’t want to look as if you have piled on the makeup.


Keep this subtle and simple, maybe keep it to just one eyelid or just to the corner of your eyes, you still get the definition without looking too dramatic. If you want to steer clear of black eyeliner then brown is a good option, it is a lot more subtle yet still defines eyes enough for the work place. Many people have a preference between liquid and pencil liners but try to get used to both as they can give you very different looks.

Eye shadow

Keep workplace eye shadows to neutral tones that match your skin colour unless you happen to be wearing a piece of clothing that warrants matching eye shadow. There might not even be the need for eye shadow if you are comfortable wearing just eyeliner or mascara.


Mascara is great for the workplace as it can be worn as the only thing on the eyes to give you a gorgeous natural look with beautifully defined lashes. If you are already wearing a lot of brown on the eyes then opt for a brown mascara to keep the look together. Generally if you are having eyeliner on just your top eyelid then match this with your mascara as it will give your eyes a more wide awake look, which is great for fooling to boss after a heavy night out.

Lip Stick

You needn’t wear lipstick to work; generally a lip gloss will suffice, if using a tinted one then try and match it to your skin tone. Not everyone suits a bright pink lip gloss. If you do intend to wear lip stick then keep your eye makeup very natural as dramatic lips and dramatic eyes tend to make you look like a very heavily made up doll; stick to one or the other.

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