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June 8, 2013 by tash01  
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Let’s take a look at day-night make-up transition made easy with pink.

Since light is reduced at night-time, it’s easier to get away with more make-up. However, the focus will be on your eyes. There’s no need to remove the colour you had on during the day if you don’t have the time.

  • 1. Touch-up time

    Your face may be a little oily but reapplying foundation, concealer and powder will not improve your look. It will only make your face appear overly made up. Caked on make-up is not concealed by nocturnal light.

    Gently brush some translucent powder over your face or use oil-absorbent paper to remove the sheen.

  • 2. Add highlights

    ❁ Eyes: If you had on a highlighting shadow from earlier in the day, you can add a little more to the brow bone (just below your eyebrow). For a more dramatic effect, use a finger to place some at the corner of your eye.

    ❁ Cheeks: Use a bronze blush or a blush that is faint rouge to add shimmer and colour. Apply from the top of the cheekbone and down on to your cheek.

  • 3. Blend in shades

    Now it’s time to decide if you want a smokey-eye effect or just a dramatic shadow. On Jhenelle, we’ve changed her daytime baby pink into a pink smokey-eye by using purple, baby pink and hot pink blend.

    Line your eyes with dark brown, plum or black eyeliner and smudge it using your fingertips. The purple is added into the crease outwards from her eyelid.

    The tricky part is blending – using your fingertip to gently rub from your lash line to the crease of your eyelid.

  • 4. Fine-tune the look

    This only means you must decide what you want to be noticeable. You may just reapply gloss to your lips to play up your eye colour, a nude colour with shimmer to balance the look or a pink lip colour which will make your lips the centre of attention. This we will leave it all up to you.

    Additional tips:

    ❁ Pink can be used with oranges, blues, purples or any other complementary colours. Just make sure to blend properly.

    ❁ Baby pink can be used with all complexions.

    ❁ Hot pinks can be used with medium to dark complexions (metallics are good for these skin tones).

    So as easy as 1-2-3-4, your daytime tickled pink will transform into an eye-catching night-time pretty in pink.

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