Make Up for Summers

March 18, 2011 by amrita.s  
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Hot summer months are a worry for women who love to apply make up. Proper skin care and light make up can help during summers.

Looking good is a big concern for women during summer months. People living in places which have a hot, humid climate often find it difficult to manage make up during summers. There are some ways to protect one’s skin while applying make up in summer months. It’s important to keep one’s skin clean. Applying ice on parched skin soothes the skin and helps a lot.

Before applying makeup, its good to apply some ice and gently dab the face with a dry towel. Applying a good sunblock is a must. It is better not to apply heavy make up during hot summer months. Applying light translucent powder is a good idea and for covering light blemishes it is better to use little amounts of concealer.

Good cosmetic brands should be used on one’s skin. MAC, Maybeline etc. are some brands that produce cosmetics for all kinds of skin types. Try out eye shadow shades like peach, lemon, light blue, and light browns. A slight hint of kohl in the eyes and light lip gloss shades can do wonders for a hot summer look. 

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