MAC Professional Eye Makeup Remover Review

November 20, 2010 by callmefrostbite  
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This is a review on MAC’s professional eye makeup remover.

Hey you guys!

Ok, so I actually this product about 2 weeks ago, and I must say, it does it’s job very well!

It requires VERY little effort to take off eyeshadow or mascara, simply by putting a little bit of the liquid on a cotton pad and wiping.

HOWEVER, there is one major downside. If your skin is in anyways sensitive, you might want to avoid this!

I’ve noticed, both with me and my sister, that this eye makeup remover seems to leave a slight stinging/burning afterwards, and in some cases we’ve been left with red lids! Who want’s that??!

So basically, it does it’s job amazingly, however I think if you have sensitive skin, you should go with olive oil for removing eye makeup [which works extremely well and it healthy for your skin!]

Have a magical day! :)

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