Is This Really True? – See The Benefits of “Real Son” Mascara

August 8, 2011 by sdkendre  
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Every month like clockwork, is a new mascara on the market that claim to be the only one who can curl mascara, lashes and volumized both a brush applicator, to free you from all your worries and tabs promising not ever having to search or use another mask again, but unfortunately many of them are mascara does not live up to its billing leads to a long search at the bottom to find the perfect mascara. Benefits "Its Real" mascara is one of the new is introduced to the consumer of beauty in the world, but it is worth your attention is debatable. So, here we will give advice about the benefits of "Real Son" Mascara, helping to decide whether her quest for more perfect mask.

What is the advantage “is real” Mascara?

His is a real benefit extension mascara mascara is formulated with a combination of short and long hair that covers the category extra length and definition. This is the special design of the long hair of this brush to give a smooth and accurate application of the lashes 100% of all the users see tangible results. The end of the brush is specially designed to give more attention to the little tabs to help you get better by lifting the roots and expanding its length. This mask is specially designed to make people wonder if you use false eyelashes when you are not real.

How to apply “is true” tabs:

To apply for the eyelashes are real just follow these simple steps.

First, make sure the tabs are well prepared and not other products such as oils, serums tabs. So Real Son mascara, hold the stick horizontally and move from left to right, from bottom to top to lift and lengthen lashes. This rotates the vertical stem and bottom race to help curl the lashes and separate and define those that are smaller by creating an appearance of bulging eyes.

Benefits of this mask:

After the first application of the “Real Son” mask can clearly see the difference in the way of your lashes look. They are larger and more complete, gives tons of volume. In addition, the design of the applicator wand is perfect for your lashes eyelashes look longer and more comprehensive to help you capture small applicator brush provided that the other missed. Curl is also a bonus with little or scaly patches, with the tabs still feels smooth after application.

Another advantage of this mascara is that when you attack and look will last all day without a new application. This saves the trouble of having to reapply makeup every couple of hours, especially if you have time.

The disadvantages of this mask:

By removing the mask is clear that separation is necessary. This can be very problematic for those of us with sensitive eyes, as the constant use of solutions of eyes and rub each time can irritate eyes. Using this mask also met some lumps and I had to use a mascara comb or other mobile device for separating lashes. Also, if this mask gives you more voluminous lashes that make them look like the false eyelashes mascara and other make.

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