How to Look Good Without Makeup

December 12, 2007 by Kristie Leong MD  
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Sometimes it feels good to go all natural. Here are some secrets to looking pretty without makeup.

Do you long to feel the wind blowing on your naked face? Your completely naked face? Sometimes you need a break from makeup and it feels good to go all natural. Plus, it saves you time when you elect not to wear makeup. Believe it or not, you can still look pretty without makeup. Sometimes natural really is better! Here’s how to look good without makeup:

Look good without makeup tip – Practice scrupulous skin care

If you’re going to forgo makeup, you need to take the best care of your skin possible. Twice a day cleansing with a mild cleanser followed up by a moisturizer cream designed specifically for your skin type is a good start. An herbal steam facial done at home twice a week will cleanse your pores and give your skin a healthy glow. Follow your skin care regimen religiously to keep your skin in top shape if you plan on going without makeup.

Look good without makeup tip – Exfoliate your skin before you go out

This is one of the best kept secrets for beautiful skin. In the morning before you go out the door, use a facial exfoliating pad and a gentle cleanser to massage your face in circular motions for at least one minute. This will remove dead skin cells and increase circulation to your face, giving your skin a soft glow that’s even better than blush.

Look good without makeup tip – Get plenty of rest

If you’re going to go natural, it’s important that you sleep seven to eight hours a night. Tired skin looks sallow and any bags or dark circles you have under your eyes will be enhanced. If you don’t get enough sleep and your eyes look puffy and swollen from tossing and turning, try applying an ice pack to each eye for ten minutes to reduce some of the swelling.

Look good without makeup tip – Drinks lots of water

Your skin looks best when you’re well hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to maintain skin hydration. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine which acts as a diuretic to further dehydrate your skin.

Look good without makeup tip – Wear a sunscreen

Just because you’re not wearing makeup doesn’t mean you should forgo sunscreen. Many makeups have light sunscreens which offer some protection from the elements. If you’re going natural, be sure to apply a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 20 to give your skin the protection it needs from ultraviolet rays. Choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Look good without makeup tip – Keep your eyebrows and eyelashes well groomed

If you won’t be wearing eye makeup, make sure your brows are neatly groomed with no distracting stray hairs. Invest in an eyelash curler to open up and emphasize your eyes.

Look good without makeup tip – Keep your lips moisturized.

If you won’t be wearing lip color, apply a moisturizer to your lips to keep them soft and smooth. A touch of clear lip gloss can also give you lips and face a natural glow.

Yes, you can look pretty without makeup if you practice good skin care and life style habits on a daily basis. You may actually find that natural works better for you on a daily basis. Give it a try!

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30 Responses to “How to Look Good Without Makeup”
  1. SpostareDuro Says:

    For the past few months, I haven’t been painting my face and it’s a great feeling to walk out side and feel the breeze on clean pure skin. Maybe it’s also empowering because I don’t feel trapped in having to seek approval of the masses with superficiality.

  2. sam Says:

    thanks i hope it will work.

  3. clare Says:

    i hope that this information will help me i dont have any confidence with out a full face of make up and when i go with out it people ask if im ok because i look pale and tired. My skin is in pore condition and i suffer from spots so hopfully i will have better skin and a lot more confidence in the next couple of weeks with out all my make up.

  4. tiffany Says:

    you have some good damn you actually helped me alot. im sure youll make life for me easier with these magnificent tips. i really needed them because im not allowed to use makeup and im really sick and tired of going out looking crappy.thanx!!!!!!!!!

  5. Melody Says:

    I always try to get plenty of rest and definetly lots of water! Girls always want to wear make up to impress the guys but you need to learn that u are natraully beautiful just the way you are!

  6. natasha Says:

    Love these tips! Actually i’m those kinds of girls that actually don’t like wearing make up unless i’m going to a party, it makes me feel natural and good!

  7. anna Says:

    thanks for the helpful tips. i’m tired of cakey makeup!

  8. autumn Says:

    Its funny how women (myself included) always remember the negative comments that people have made about the way we look; but do we really remember how MANY positive comments we have gotten? I know when I think about it I have gotten way more positive than negative! I think the reason why we do wear makeup is because of the way society has conditioned us. So LADIES EMBRACE YOUR GODESS AND BEAUTY IN YOU AND GO NATURAL! [:

    ps: if a guy doesnt show interest in you without makeup than when he did when you wore makeup, than he wasnt interested in you for the right reasons, and dont worry cause’ there are plenty of guys out in the world.

  9. anonamous Says:

    wow this looks like it will acctually work :)

  10. Jojo Says:

    Wow THANKS!!!!!!!

  11. ashley Says:

    OMG Thanksz soooooo much man! iim going to do this and i imagine itl work ! thankss ! muchh lovee to ya x x

  12. misty Says:

    thanks sooooooooooo much people, this website has sooooooooooo helped me.
    x x thanks again x x

  13. elle Says:

    I have to wear makeup because I have no eyelashes and no eyebrows. Going natural is NOT AN OPTION. Also, if you’re past a certain age you will often have skin problems that can only be corrected with makeup. I find myself with dark circles, hyperpigmentation, etc. A freshly washed face just isn’t going to help.

    If you’re young, have dark lashes and brows going bare faced is preferable, I would agree. But not this lady. I wish I could, but I can’t.

  14. Danielle Says:

    Thank you so much for posting an article on how NOT to wear make-up!!! Your tips are spot-on! I have gone completely bare-faced since 18 (now 26) when the novelty wore off; however, every single girl/woman I know will not leave the house without at least some eyeliner & mascara or foundation for fear they will look “unpolished” or just feeling “not as pretty”. My hope is more articles like this would help improve their self esteem to a healthier level, as well as the other millions of women fueling the cosmetics industry.
    Note: going without is not just for you, but also the guy in your life;) Think about it- would you want to kiss what you wipe on your face with a sponge?

  15. transkripsi1217 Says:

    txs for the great tips…..I have tried to not wearing makeup but it just didnt work for me as I always have this puffy eyes, dark rings under my eyes and a poor skin condition.

  16. Jacque Says:

    i have never worn makeup and people still always tell me im beautiful. if i say someone is pretty, my husband will say ya, but what does she really look like with all her makeup off which is true. when you see someone always with makeup on and than one day with none, its so drastic that they do look sorta ugly. i think natural is the best way to go, doesnt cost much either :)

  17. Jade Says:

    Ahhhh im so happy nowww
    And some of the tips i wasnt following so maybe ths will work :D
    I bet it will. :)

  18. Ry Says:

    I hope this works :D ,
    It would be nice to feel good with out my make-up. :)

  19. Emmy Says:

    This is awesome. Sometimes I wear makeup, sometimes I don’t. really, it all depends on how I feel, now on how I want other people to see me.

    personally, I think natural is always prettier. I hate makeup, and when I wear it, I’m constantly worrying about if my skin looks too pale or too dark, if my eyelashes are clumpy, if my cheeks are too red, etc. I used to get up at 4:30 in the morning to get ready when I had to leave at 7:30 to get to school. three hours and fifteen minutes is too much. girls- just stop with the makeup! you complain about how bad your skin is and everything and say that’s why you wear makeup, but if you just stopped wearing any (maybe some occasional mascara at the most) your face would be so much healthier! these tips rock.

  20. indi Says:

    Hi guys, there’s some good tips hereif u want u face 2 have a natural glow, rub vaseline on ur fingers and apply 2 ur cheek bones and eye lids, its a great way 2 stand out form the croud and have a great natural glow ( note. Onli apply a really small amount, don’t over so do it! )
    Also biotin is a great vitimin for ur skin and hair, it will also make u look fresh and bright.

    Hope it helps :)

  21. Natasha Says:

    Thnx For the tips!! i also want 2 share some tips, use Zwitsal Creme, it gives u a really healthy, glowing skin. even if i wake up in the morning, it luks gud!! and yeah vaseline is good for sure!

  22. Nadia Says:

    Nice tips! Girls,you have to understand that make up is not a plastic surgery,it does not change what is underneath,it enhances what you already have, there is nothing wrong in knowing how to make yourself look great, and also confidence comes from the inside, if you know you were created beautifully,with or without make up you will feel good, nothing wrong in making yourself look good.

  23. Sarah Says:

    I stopped wearing make up for a while and noticed that my skin looked sooooo much better, make up irritates your skin, makes it redder, gets in your pores, increases amount of pimples makes you paler compared to the rest of your body from the sunscreen they put in and also the fact that theres a layer of chemicals between the sun and your skin! i have kinda bad skin when i wear make up but when i dont wear it my skin looks much better, best advice throw your make up out so your not tempted to wear it and just be you, not some crappy mixture made from a fail company :D
    PS: lots of black eyeliner increases the redness in your face, only a little bit makes your eyes look great, i personally prefer just mascara as it makes eyes stand out but is so natural when not overdone :D

  24. Shannon Says:

    I love makeup….I think its cool to create different looks. However I look after my skin and I also don’t ‘Plaster’ it on…I also don’t think I ‘need’ it either. I just think its really fun. These tips are good however because everyone skin has them dull days

  25. Seren Says:

    tanks for the tips there really usefull.Im 14 and I play a lot of sport so i dont have time to put on makeup so its nice to know that makeup isnt the only option (:

  26. sophie Says:

    i always wear makeup ive never went outside without and i have to make a choice as at newyear my mum booked a hotel and said i could only go if i dont wear makeup! i dontknow what to do tho because i really dnt like wht i look like without makeup on , i have freckles and i dont like them , what do i do please help?

  27. Vickie Andrews Says:

    Amazing Tips!!!!!!!

  28. elle Says:

    oh if only we culd all be naturally beautiful without make-up. :/. i am trying not to wear make-up all the time now though, except on special occasions. i really like the way it looks and it does enhance features but i\’ve decided that having to be dolled up all the time isn\’t the best for my self-esteem and can lead to vanity. I always thought I looked horrible with-out make-up but that isn\’t really true. like autumn said, we never focus on the positive things people say. i think it\’s better to accept who you are instead of focusing on having to look pretty all the time. And it\’s also true, that if a boy is really likes you, then he won\’t care whether you have make-up on or not. :)

  29. ann Says:

    thank you, for all these tips i will try all of these its been while that i don’t wear make up . but lately my skin has so many spots.

  30. sintya Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, very useful for me,
    his criticisms and suggestions please.
    : D

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