How Long to Keep Lipstick

August 19, 2008 by sri harsha  
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Lipstick has become one of the most essential needs in the normal day of a woman.

However heavy or light the make-up is, lip stick is the essential part of the make-up and without applying a lip stick, you can not say that you are done with make-up. Even on a normal day, you can just apply a lip stick without any make up and this gives you a very pleasant look.

Many brands of lip sticks are being available in the market and many new brands are being invented every week. Lip stick has become one of the very important products women keep in their hand bags. Most of the women just keep a lip stick and apply it to their lips whenever they feel it is necessary. But one mistake many people do is not checking the manufacture date of the lip stick and it’s expiry date.

If one thinks of using a new shade of lip stick, they keep the old one they were using aside and use the new one. After few days they wil again try the old one and after all these days, you can not say whether there is any harm in using it unless you have checked the expiry date.

Some people have this habit of using the lip stick till the last bit. No matter how many lip sticks they use, they don’t throw away an older one unless they are sure that they can not use it for an application. This is a very wrong idea one can have. Instead you can buy one or two at a time, use them and discard them. Using a dozen shades simultaneously and making sure that you have completely used everyone of them is not one of the good things you could do. It may take four or five years to finish all the dozen lip sticks.

At maximum, a lip stick can be used for two years. Some lip sticks made in recent times can be used for around three years. To make sure how long can you use the lip stick, you have to check the manufacture date and the expiry date. Even when buying, it is advised to buy the one manufactured recently so that you can use it for more time.

You should not use a lip stick, or to that matter any beauty product, after it’s expiry period. It may cause damage to your lips and skin. You can not afford to let your lips lose their beauty by using an expired product, after all the products you use are to enhance the beauty of your lips. One may think why should they waste the remaining lip stick as this is wasting the money they used to purchase it. But if your lips get infection or they get damaged, the money that you would spend on it is a grand when compared the money you think you are wasting.

One last thing is that many people think that a lip stick should not to used when it forms beads. But that is a wrong perception as it occurs purely because of the lack of oils or evaporated oils. You can use them still without any problems unless they are not expired.

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  1. A Says:

    I always think of this expiry thing of cosmetics. I recently discarded the foundation I have been using for 5 or 6 yrs. I used it very sparingly. I also discarded some of my lipsticks which had passed 5 yrs (a gift). I also have some3 yrs old ones which need to be thrown away. But there is no way to find the manufacturing date of nail polishes or lipsticks as they do not come in single packs. You have not mentioned a way to check their Mfg date or Exp date. Thanks for the article, anyway.

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