Have Beautiful Red Lips Naturally

December 17, 2008 by Midie  
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How to get beautiful lips without cosmetics.

How To Get Natural, Red Lips

Apply honey to your lips every night before you sleep. Make it a habit, and you’ll get reddish lips like you are wearing lipstick.

Pale Lips, What Can You Do …

Punch or blend

some ginger to get only its juice. Get an egg from village chicken (which live by feeding by itself, not some commercial chicken) and get the egg’s yolk. Mix the juice with the yolk and put it as your breakfast menu every

morning. You will have fresher looking lips in no time.

Allergic To Lipstick, The Lips Become Cracky…

Mix young coconut water with yolk and some honey. Drink it once a day until it cured.

I Use The Wrong Lipstick, My Lips Blacken

Just a simple method. Apply tooth paste to your lips before taking a bath.

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39 Responses to “Have Beautiful Red Lips Naturally”
  1. binoth nadar Says:

    i am thingting that it is wrok in very few day

  2. carina serna Says:

    the toothpaste reallly work for me!!!! Its softer and redish BIGGER! Ireally like it!

  3. katie Says:


  4. Midie Says:

    wishing all the best for everyone. Feel free to try

  5. Abigail Zhu Says:

    Thanks for sharing such interesting information!

  6. shyra Says:

    the toothpaste really works

  7. Chinni Says:

    How much time we have wait after applying tooth paste

  8. trish Says:

    the toothpaste remedy really works? how long do u keep it on b4 shower?? n in how many days can u c the changes

  9. sumi Says:

    my lower libs get red wit white batches. its on and off. wat can i do?

  10. skabalous Says:

    can i apply the toothpaste even if it’s not before shower? what if i apply it before i go to sleep? is it okay?

  11. shruthi Says:

    if i use honey in how many days i can see the change?

  12. mty007 Says:

    my lips are brown how to i get Red Lips Naturally….can i apply the toothpaste ……….

  13. lakshmi Says:

    hai gud morning to everyone this is ammy
    how much time to be kept, after applying the tooth paste pz tell me

  14. vidhi Says:

    i want to know for how much time i have to apply paste on my lips please tell me

  15. Khan Says:

    i have lips elergy. my lips look pumped up when i wake up in the morning. and looks dark brown. what should i do

  16. ALINA Says:

    my lips below are pink whereas its dark above..have been using d back of a toothbrush(tongue cleaner) to get rid of the chapped lips for days now..it works instantly when you really rub it..but the upper flap of my lips is
    still dark..wot do i do ?..please help

  17. tina Says:

    toothpaste can be kept for about 3minutes,

  18. JOE JYOTHI Says:


  19. joe jyothi Says:

    iam smoker..always smoke..but i apply the honey..wow..thanks..i can see red dots somewhere there over there on my lips..getting hard red now.haha true..

  20. jyothi Says:

    haha my God my lips burning now with tooth paste my God wowwwwwww…but i will use it till 30mnt end..will see what is the changes..going to do all nights..

  21. az Says:

    With the statement here. I want to try it tonight. Can’t realy wait for my red lips.

  22. mamthakumar Says:

    Hi, My upper lip is not having shape properly and also dull colour compare to my lower lip does the toothpaste remedy will work for it and how long should i keep tooth paste on my lips.. Please somebody help me…

  23. maris Says:

    ill try it then ..

  24. marv Says:

    hi this marv a smokergot my lips darkened due to it… if i try honey or toothpaste my lips will go back to its natural rep color for good? thanx

  25. sonali Says:

    i applied pepsodent and its becoming red but meanwhile my lips are getting chopped and does it make my lips red permanently

  26. urmi Says:

    wow it\’s jst amazing ha!

  27. angel Says:

    to jane: you have a very fat brain my dear :) lol =)))))))

  28. Midie Says:

    it is up to the people to decide whether they like the suggestions or not. some MODERN people like to ridicule everything traditional without even trying. using make up artist is not what we call as NATURALLY and not cheap too….

  29. Vishal Says:

    Hi i am vishal form nepal i’ll try both the honey and the toothpaste
    thanks in advance to all of you my friends.

  30. jemmy wattson Says:

    hi my name is jemmy wattson well even i trid toothpaste and honey bt no reaction stl my lips dark knw tell wht shuld i do ..

  31. sabio jarkh Says:

    well my father is a skin medicare spclst so ny 1 needs help pls do questant me.?

  32. prulene Says:

    how many days till i can see the result of the toothpaste .? (:

  33. raju Says:

    hi , how many days till i can apply that toothpaste or honey ,

  34. honey edol Says:

    i’ve been trying honey and toothpaste for a week now .. and putting some petroleum jelly or vaseline would do. i think there is really a difference compared before i was not applying yet .. i think its not like chili that would get spicy instantly. it needs time and patience to achieve what you want. :) thanks.

  35. Wamiq Shahid Says:

    Hey guys this is wamiq shahid from pakistan n just started my modeling career…. i have pink lips but it was red before…. cigarettes made them red to pink…. i will apply these methods as my co-models r too good… i need this to poke them :D
    pray for me ….. :p

  36. Ging Says:

    got irritated by my blacken lips from a lipstick. hope this toothpaste remedy works! thanks!

  37. Blah Says:

    the honey really work out for few days but then my lips turn out as before lol but I still do it often at night, can you tell me how make red lips permanently?

  38. shivani Says:

    m 16 yr old girl shivani from india.! my lips are pink and chapped, will honey and toothpaste will make it red or lighten the pink colour? i want red colour frnds, plz answer…

  39. shivani 23 Says:

    m 16 yr old girl shivani from india.! my lips are pink and chapped, will honey and toothpaste will make it red or lighten the pink colour? i want red colour frnds, plz answer…

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