Go on Ladies, Take the Plunge

March 8, 2009 by Kym Storer  
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An article about the power of a good red lipstick and how more women should enjoy using it.

Whilst at a friend’s house before a night out on the town I was introduced to Laura Mercier’s red lipstick in the deep shade of seduction. As a woman who has always shied away from red lipstick I felt a shiver through my hips. I was always warned by many department store make up assistants that it is for brunette’s only. Being a blonde at the time I was about to dismiss this little stick of blood redness but my friend told me just to try it, I could always rub it off afterwards if I didn’t like it. True, I thought, so I took the plunge. Now when wearing a lipstick of this colour and calibre you need to do it properly or it can quite easily make you look like the joker out of Batman. With a red lip liner in hand, I began.

This went on smoother than I thought and so I went on to the daddio of lipsticks. This was lovely and moist and it rolled on like a red carpet being spread over my lips. I was impressed. It didn’t look bad at all and I felt like a million dollars. I had so many compliments from my friends that night about my new red lips that I was on quite a high. Since that night I have been addicted to red lipsticks although I only dare to wear them at night. I have got quite a collection and the best has got to be my original and trusted Laura Mericer in the seduction shade. I can say with great confidence that red lipstick is not just for brunettes and I truly believe there is not enough women out there enjoying the amazing shades that are on offer to us. Just think Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani, one is a classic legend and the other a funky successful singer who has her own trend going on. Red lipstick is for everyone. I wish I had discovered the power of a good red lipstick years ago. I genuinely feel like a woman with substance when I roll that lusciousness over my lips. Go on ladies! Give it a go and you will see what I mean!

My top 5 for deep colour, quality and price (all are under £20) are:

  1. Laura Mercier – Seduction
  2. Mac – Red She Said
  3. Nars – Jungle Red
  4. Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick – Barcelona Red
  5. YSL Rouge Shine Sheer -  Red Desire 
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