Five Best Brunette Drugstore Hair Dye Shades

February 2, 2011 by Jennifer Belleau  
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Hair color doesn’t always come out like it promises–but I’ve tested and/or researched the following and they seem pretty darn good!

Garnier Nutrisse Medium Ash Brown- I noticed this shade for the first time when I saw it on a blog.  A girl with dark Asian hair had dyed it a golden red color, and it was starting to look brassy.  She dyed over it with Garnier Medium Ash Brown and her hair was a uniform neutral chocolate shade without brassiness.  It was also true to color, and it didn’t look too dark, as some browns tend to look.

L’Oreal Excellence Creme Dark Chocolate Brown- I used this color a while ago.  It started out extremely dark, but boy did it last!  The reddish tint was very obvious throughout, which I liked, and there was practically no damage to my hair.

Clairol Nice N’ Easy Natural Dark Caramel Brown- I haven’t used this shade yet (although I plan to later tonight!)  The reviews say that Clairol Nice N’ Easy Natural Dark Caramel Brown is a great, rich, vibrant warm brown.  Tons of reviews say it’s an excellent, true-to-color shade, and it seems to be very effective at covering grays too!

Garnier Nutrisse Soft Mahogany Dark Brown (raspberry truffle)- Reviews rave about this color.  Garnier Nutrisse is a pretty healthy hair color to use, so presumably the damage to the hair is minimal.  This hair color is a deep mahogany, but it’s “soft” so it doesn’t look too unnatural.

Revlon Colorsilk Medium Golden Brown- I used this a while ago, and I was annoyed at how dark it came out at first, but it was pretty good after a few washes.  Colorsilk only costs $3, so that’s a plus as well!  This is a true golden brown–no red tones.

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  1. dbanheh Says:

    Great share! I have dark Asian hair dyed several times and it’s not looking so good… Do you still have the blog that used this “Garnier Medium Ash Brown”… I want to see what the results looked like. Thanks for this article!

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