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August 21, 2011 by aroosamorose  
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Amazing eye make up that you can have on any carnival or other festivals.

Women are always rare and will be. They can invent any thing that is interesting.So now there are eye make ups that you can have on any carnival or any especial festival.Full of glamour and fusion of fashion.Eyes are the main part that speaks silently.Your eyes can enhance your beauty and increases face value if they are make up well .You can get more attention .So here are some ideas.

1.Rainbow eyes

2.Peacock eyes


4.Purple raise

5.Cute pink

6.Zebra print

7.Blue bird

8.Especial eyes

9.Snow dreams

10.Valentines eyes

Katie Alves Valentine Eyes

11.About to rain

12.Sun set

13.Butterfly wings


15.Feather eyes

16.Full glamour

17.Rare patterns

18.Giraffe eyes 

19.Parrot eyes

20.Soft fusion

21.Colorful flowers

22.Messy but beautiful


24.Soft rainbow


26.Perfect eyes

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8 Responses to “Eye Makeup”
  1. aroosamorose Says:

    This is published on wrong category while I chose women category.

  2. vickylass Says:

    Never mind, it´s still a great share. Would love the Soft Rainbow for a job interview. Ha, ha, ha. Keep up the good writing.

  3. ilovebaboy Says:

    soo cool!

  4. WindBlowerTM Says:

    Thank you for this article. Very beautiful eye make up, that is what I call make-up Artist! Great article.

  5. Nali Says:

    Omg nice :O I’m a boy, But I never imaged that they could make it so nice

  6. fatmaazahra Says:

    good nd nice make up…

  7. sabasid6 Says:

    wow..my favorite ones are 9 and 13..i love doing eye makeup 2..but these are real professional ppl to draw such scenery on lids..great share!

  8. tonyleather Says:

    Did a similar post. Nice.

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